Troxel Helmets Announces New Logo

Troxel Helmets brought the first ASTM approved equestrian helmet to market in 1992. Now after 27 years of being an industry leader in innovation, we’re transforming ourselves.

Today we’re announcing our new Troxel logo. Our website, social media accounts and emails have already adopted this new aesthetic and soon all Troxel helmets will feature our new branding.

Our design goal was to better match how we look at our values and the riders we serve. Our mission at Troxel has always been to empower and protect equestrian athletes. And our product line has shifted in recent years to incorporate more options for english riders, western riders and performance athletes. So, our team worked to create a logo design that felt strong, powerful and inspiring.

We dropped the “e” and adopted a new, athletic Troxel wordmark logo design that is prominently featured on the front of most helmet styles. We also chose a font that exudes a clean, modern feel and stuck with black and white packaging and brand elements to evoke the strength and determination of our riders.

But, we didn’t arrive here easily. We went through hours of creative brainstorming to find the right fit. “Troxel has undergone a rebirth in the past few years. We’ve expanded our product line and really honed in on the wants and needs of western riders and performance athletes. We wanted a logo that symbolized this change in brand culture,” said Jenny Beverage, Troxel Brand Manager. “We’re so pleased with the end result and have received lots of positive feedback from riders already! Everyone loves that our name is back on our helmets and our retail partners have commented that the new logo is athletic, bold and looks great on helmets to accessories like our new helmet bags.”

Look for more product and brand developments in the future as we continue to evolve and expand as a company to better serve the needs of our riders.

Contact for additional information and images:
Jenny Beverage 208.740.4964

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