Taking It to the Streets

PATH Intl. Virtual Conference Offers Education Wherever You Happen to Be

If you have not yet experienced the PATH Intl. Virtual Conference, it is the perfect opportunity to share, collaborate and gather with a global audience of equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) professionals from the comfort of your home, office or even barn. Are you new to PATH Intl. or to EAAT? This conference will enlighten you on who PATH Intl. is and the great work the association does to promote health, wellness and safety for individuals with special needs. Are you a long-time PATH Intl. credentialed professional or are looking for resources to become certified? The virtual conference will engage and energize you while offering practical skills and guidance (and CEUs!) to support your learning.

Join us on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 23-24, to connect, share ideas, receive feedback and benefit from networking with this global community. More than 200 have already signed up! Learn from presenters such as Julie Goodnight (Teaching First Canter), Jochen Schleese (The 8 Myths of Saddle Fit), Dr. Hallie Sheade (Overcoming Fear and Anxiety in EAAT Participants) and Christie Kappert (The Right Horse Initiative Adoptions and Pilot Programs).

For information on the 2019 PATH Intl. Virtual Conference, including all the sessions and presenters, visit the PATH Intl. Virtual Conference page. To register, click here. Questions? Email Elias Holdman.

About PATH Intl.:
The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International(r) (PATH Intl(r).) was formed in 1969 to promote safety and optimal outcomes in equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) for individuals with special needs. At 873 member centers, nearly 69,000 children and adults, including more than 6,700 veterans, may find improved health, wellness, fun and a sense of pride and independence through involvement with horses. Therapeutic horsemanship at member centers may include hippotherapy, equine-facilitated mental health, driving, interactive vaulting, trail riding, competition, ground work and stable management. Through a wide variety of educational resources, the association helps individuals start and maintain successful EAAT programs. There are nearly 62,000 volunteers, 4,776 instructors, 7,943 equines and thousands of contributors from all over the world helping people at PATH Intl. Member Centers.

For more information, contact:
Cher Smith
Communications Specialist
(800) 369-7433, ext. 123


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