For Horse-Crazy Kids and Nostalgic Adults

Trafalgar Square Books ( is pleased to announce the release of a unique educational activity book for horse-crazy kids, and a new collection of favorite Thelwell classics.

Do you know a child who dreams of having a horse of his or her own—a four-legged friend who comes when called and nickers when nearby; who doesn’t judge or pick favorites; who always listens quietly? When a horse or pony is still in the future and not in the barn outside, learning about how to ride and care for him is the next best thing!

HORSE FUN is for all horse-crazy kids, whether they ride “now” or “not yet,” combining real horse knowledge with super-fun games, quizzes, crafts, and activities. Readers go to “riding school” and learn the basics of horse care and equitation. They can test themselves with equine trivia; make tote bags, picture frames, dream catchers, jewelry, and their very own hobby horse to compete in hobby horse shows with friends! Plus, they can follow along with Maxi, a horse-crazy kid just like them, who shares her thoughts in a journal. Having horses in your life is joyful, enriching, exciting…and FUN.

For ages 6-10 years | hardcover | hundreds of color photos plus illustrations by renowned manga artist Anika Hage 

Watch the book trailer:

Following the 1953 publication of British artist Norman Thelwell’s first pony cartoon, his name became synonymous worldwide with images of little girls and fat hairy ponies. In 2017 TSB re-released THELWELL’S PONY CAVALCADE, featuring many of the earliest Thelwell cartoons, in North America, reviving the artist’s fervent fandom and initiating calls for more. Now, in THELWELL’S PONY PANORAMA, readers are treated to three additional Thelwell classics: Gymkhana, Thelwell Goes West, and Penelope. Those new to Thelwell will fall in love with his uniquely irreverent-yet-informative view of the equestrian world, while long-time enthusiasts can indulge in a delightful dose of equine-friendly nostalgia. Sure to please anyone with a pony-littered past or a horse-crazy present.

paperback | b&w illustrations throughout

Watch the book trailer:

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