EFF MEADVILLE Pa Tour Stop 2019 – The Great Flip Off

The MEADVILLE Tour Stop of 2019 will be held in the town of Meadville Pennsylvania April 12 – 14, 2019. A collection of equine feature films and documentaries from the EQUUS Film Festival in New York City will be screened.

A very special screening of the documentary “The Great Flip-Off” will be on Saturday April 13, 2019 at 7:15 pm. Filmmaker Dafna Yachin will be on hand for a Q & A after her film. Dafna will be honored as a featured Women In Television and Film guest filmmaker at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia on April 3rd at 6:30 pm for the Philadelphia film premiere of The Great Flip-Off and Philadelphia Women in Film and Television Celebration.


Trailer: https://youtu.be/MXTtgdaIurw

One last show for a dying breed.

 Facing extinction from the American circus, the last extreme bareback riders, along with their majestic horses, unite for one final death-defying performance.

When Ringling Bros. announce the end of their three-ring big top to usher in a new era of fewer animals and arena-only performances, it marks the beginning of the end in entertainment history for the original circus act — The Bareback riders. These acrobatic daredevils perform stunts upon galloping horses with a will of their own. Meet the last of the great bareback artists as they band together for the largest gathering of riders this century — one final death-defying performance in the face of extinction from the American circus.  Follow these extreme riders and their legendary families, from Italy, Mexico, Hungary and France, as they bring the risk and beauty of the original circus act to a multi-generational audience, one last time in. Then, return 10 years later to discover how these families have dealt with the passing of time in a range of unusual happy endings and ultimate heartbreak.

The festival will also focus on the SPOTLIGHT Rescue Series documentary “Hold Your Horses: The Limit Of The Law”. The documentary is a follow up to the rescue of the Meadville “Hanging Barn” horses in 2016. MEADVILLE Tour Stop Co-Organizer Heather Reichel’s cinematography is featured in the documentary, that is directed by filmmaker Julianne Neal.

Highlighted in the festival will be a collection of short documentaries about “Healing Through Horses”.

A Pony And His Boy: The Story Of Berry & Josh” a story about an 8-year-old boy with DOWN Syndrome and his 28-year-old pony will be featured along with a collection of inspirational and inspiring shorts.

The EFF MEADVILLE Tour Stop will be presented FREE to attendees (thanks to generous sponsors) and will kick off with a VIP Event on Friday April 12th, doors open at 6:45 pm at the Italian Civic Club, 869 Water Street, Meadville, PA. The evening will include a Posh Puppy Parade Fashion Show, that begins at 6:00 pm Center Stage at the Downtown Meadville Mall. Sponsored by Chateau Christine with a prize for the poshest pup, the evening will benefit the Crawford County Humane Society. One of Friday nights featured films is “Life In The Dog House” directed by Ron Davis (director of Harry & Snowman) along with a wonderful batch of short dog related films from the EQUUS Film Festival’s Bow-Wow Film Fest collection. Followed by a special screening of “Desert Flight” a Love Letter to the sport of Show Jumping. Rounding out the evening of films with be a screening of “Hold Your Horses: The Limit Of The Law” with the film’s, Heather Reichel, attending for an in depth Q & A.

On Saturday morning April 13th Bruce Anderson , star of the documentary “The Edge”, will present his “Natural Humanship” method of working with children and horses. The films and events will take place at the Gardner Theater (second floor of the Meadville Market House) 910 Market Street, Meadville PA. There will a screening of “A Pony And His Boy” for the children of the community who have special needs and sensitivity to bright lights and loud sounds. The afternoon and evening will host a full program of EQUUS Film Festival feature films and documentaries.

Sunday April 14th will host a full day of film screenings at the Gardner Theater kicking off at 1 pm and running until 7:30 pm.

Featured films on Sunday include Boy Nomad, The Gobi Gallop (The Longest Annual Charity Horseback Ride in the World

The annual 700 km across Mongolia ride to benefit the Veloo Foundation), Daughters Of The Polo God and Desert Flight.  A Special “Ask The Vet’ Q & A will take place with Meadville’s very own Zane A. Cheropovich, DVM Sunday afternoon at the Market House.

The seventh annual EQUUS Film Festival will take December 2019.  EQUUS Film Festival is the first event of its kind to offer a home to the storytellers of the horse world, with films, documentaries, videos, commercials and shorts from around the world and cultural elements of fine equestrian art and literature.

Founded in 2013 by Lisa Diersen, Director/Organizer, an avid equestrian, who has spent her life in the company of horses. The festival was joined by Diana De Rosa, and international equine photographer and journalist in 2015, as Co-Organizer of the NYC Festival. The EQUUS Film Festival highlights and rewards the diverse and creative efforts of those who pay artistic homage to the horse.

Lisa’s mission is to show the world how horses can bring everyone together regardless of race, age, gender, abilities or disabilities. She presently raises, trains and loves Lusitano horses in Maple Park, Illinois.

The EQUUS Film Festival is now available ON-DEMAND, streaming to all your devices.

For more information contact: Lisa Diersen, Founder/Director - lisa@equusfilmfestival.net, 630-272-3077.

Visit our website at: http://www.equusfilmfestival.net /and our FaceBook page.



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