Grand Slam Social Partners with I Am Horse Racing Initiative

Welcome to the "I am Horse Racing" Initiative. It was created with a simple goal in mind. A group of like-minded individuals all from within the industry coming together to share the stories of those who dedicate their lives to racing.

From grooms and hotwalkers, to trainers, owners, breeders, jockeys, exercise riders, veterinarians, and everything in between, we are all here for the horse. These are the stories of racing, and these are the people you might not know.

We are a community of deeply devoted individuals, and with each comes a unique tale involving the love of a horse, a passion for a sport, and a lifestyle more than a job.

There’s more to the story being told, and there’s more to us. So with that, let us introduce you to a few of our friends…

I am Horse Racing

Grand Slam Social is excited to assist I Am Horse Racing in their social media efforts to better expand the reach of their message.

Follow I Am Horse Racing on:
Twitter: @IAmHorseRacing
Facebook: @ImHorseRacing
Instagram: @ImHorseRacing
YouTube: I Am Horse Racing

Watch our first few stories here:

Since our launch on March 24th we have seen incredible support with over 5,000 followers, over 18,000 engagements, and nearly 150,000 video views across all I Am Horse Racing channels.

Media Inquiries, please contact

Contact: Alexis Garske with I Am Horse Racing: or Molly McGill with Grand Slam Social:




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