April Content Ideas for Social Media

Do you find yourself struggling to come up with topics to talk about on your social media platforms, blogs, live videos and email marketing campaigns?

According to Convince and Convert’s Jay Baer, engagement is the #1 most popular way to measure the performance of content. So, the question is, how engaging is your content across your marketing outlets?

Is it interesting or thought provoking? How authentic and transparent is your company or brand? How much value are you bringing to your audience?

If you are constantly trying to sell, sell, sell, your audience will lose attention very easily; however, if you are bringing them massive value, along with a dynamite product or service, your company will win their attention. Once you win their attention, you will sell them as long as you nurture them and make them feel truly valued.

Yellow Barn Media created a two-page content calendar for April that will help you look at some new and exciting topics to chat about with your audience.

 For immediate access to this helpful content calendar, click here: https://jamiesamples.lpages.co/april-content-ideas/

Happy content creation this month!

Do you need help determining where your business can improve? Yellow Barn Media is happy to help. We launched a new and improved website, with a resource library that we will be packing full of amazing resources, just for marketing your equine business. You can also schedule a connection call so you can get to know us and how we can serve you.

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