Cavallo Horse & Rider Announces New “Cavallo Comfort Sleeve” / Last Chance to Enter the Spring Boot Giveaway  

Cavallo designed the new Comfort Sleeve to provide your horse with additional protection while using Cavallo Hoof Boots. Easy to use, with an adjustable fit, the Comfort Sleeve can be used with any style of Cavallo Hoof Boot. Simply pull the sleeve on over the hoof and onto your horse’s pastern and fasten the adjustable hook and loop closure strap.

Similar to Cavallo’s well-known Pastern Wraps, the Comfort Sleeves offer an extra layer of protection for your horse’s bulb and pastern area when you ride, when going on an extra-long ride, for horses who are extra-sensitive, or when breaking in a new pair of Cavallo Hoof Boots.  Made with elasticated 100-percent cotton for total comfort and ribbed for a contoured fit, these sleeves are made to stay put.

Keep in mind that there may be an initial break-in period required to soften the leather on your horse’s new boots. Like your own riding boots, it is recommended that you allow time to gradually break in the hoof boots-- so that they may take the shape of your horse’s individual hoof. The first day you get your new Cavallos, first put the Comfort Sleeves on, and let your horse wear their new boots for about 20 minutes (during turnout or riding). If no signs of sensitivity are seen, increase the time of wear by 20 minutes each day until the backs of the boots customize to your horse’s bulb area. Then the boots are fully broken in.

Horse’s hooves, hides, thickness, bulb sensitivity and conditioning can vary, so please monitor the wear and increase time in the boots as appropriate. You can speed up the break-in process by using a leather softener of your choice and/or riding through water.

The Cavallo Comfort Sleeves are sold in pairs, and one size fits all.  To clean and restore them back to their original shape, just pop them in the washing machine and hang or lay flat to dry. MSRP, $19.95.

To view the NEW Cavallo Comfort sleeve, click here:

To view a video of Carole Herder demonstrating the use of the new Comfort Sleeves, click here:

Last Chance! Enter Our Spring Giveaway:

Enter now at for a chance to win a pair of Cavallo Trek Boots for your horse! You pick the size if selected. Enter before the deadline, May 1, 2019. One winner will be notified by email and announced on the Cavallo Horse & Rider Facebook page within one week after the deadline. One entry per person/email address. Delivery to North America only. If the chosen winner does not respond by email within one week, the second-choice winner will be notified. No cash value, no returns or exchanges. One entry per person. Void where prohibited. Find out more about Cavallo Trek Horse Hoof Boots:, MSRP: $189.90 USD for a pair.

Cavallo Horse & Rider’s Trek Hoof Boots are the most flexible, durable, breathable and user friendly addition to the Cavallo Hoof Boot collection. The honeycomb design maximizes strength and minimizes weight for the comfort your horse deserves. Great for the relief of chronic pain or hoof sensitivity; rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, navicular disease, laminitis/founder, punctures, sole bruising and contracted heels. Trek can easily be adjusted for close contact and snug fit to individual horse’s hooves. Can also be used for protection during trailering and breeding or taken on the trail as a “spare tire” for lost shoes. Trek Hoof Boots are now available in Red, Black and Green on Regular and Slim Sole styles.

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