COWGIRL – Fast-Paced Historical Fiction of the Tevis Cup 24 Hour Endurance Horse Race over the Sierra Nevada Mountains – JUST RELEASED

For thousands of hoof beats, fast-paced COWGIRL packs the reader over the trail of one of the toughest of endurance horse races, The Tevis Cup, a real life event run each year under a full summer moon over the Western States Trail… for 24 hours and 100 miles.

Dreams have a way of changing. That’s what the woman called Cowgirl is always reminding her 14-year-old daughter, Lizzy. One of them certainly changed on the fateful night eight years earlier when Cowgirl’s husband and Lizzy’s father was incapacitated in a bull-riding wreck. And, it changed even more over ensuing months and years.

But for Cowgirl, there’s one dream that has stayed constant. And it’s an audacious one. It is that she and Lizzy will successfully complete The Tevis Cup, the world-famous, 100-mile, one-day endurance horse race that climbs up and over California’s rugged Sierra Nevada range. Lizzy shares the dream but it is Cowgirl's life mission on race day.

Set in 1985, COWGIRL is the story of their resolute attempt to win. Taking place over 24 hours, the challenges both they and their race support crew…a giant, a dwarf, an invalid and a tough old broad… face are posed both by the natural world and the human condition.  The will to win drives the narrative… one which follows a number of heroic journeys, not all of which involve a horse race.

It’s a riveting tale with evocative circumstantial detail of the toughest of all endurance horse races and of those striving to cross the finish line first… thousands of hoof beats and 100 miles later.

About the author:
Judith Ayres Burke is a conservation biologist, horse woman and University lecturer.  She is a former U.S. Senate confirmed Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) Assistant Administrator for International Affairs Region having previously served as Regional Administrator for the EPA Southwest Region. A Harvard University Kennedy School graduate, Judith has served on both corporate and nonprofit boards including as a Virginia Nature Conservancy Trustee.  She and her husband live in Middleburg, Virginia.

Contact: Judith Ayres Burke

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