Scratch Me Silly, Standlee Pill Carriers, and Keratex Coconut Hoof Balm Receive Positive Good Horsekeeping Product Reviews

All three of the products that recently received good product reviews are very innovative, according to Laurie Cerny, editor of  "These manufacturers saw a need and stepped up to the plate," she said.

The Scratch Me Silly, manufactured by Animet (the same company that manufactures Scratch N All pads), is a safe and effective way to scratch the underside of a horse's belly.

"The horses loved the Scratch Me Silly and we loved it because you could groom and scratch between the front legs and the underside of the belly without being stooped over," Cerny said.  In addition, it is also made extremely well and required no assembly.

The Standlee Pill Carriers, manufactured by Standlee Premium Western Forage, are a hay outer shell with a soft center that allows you to depress medication into.

"The horses loved the taste of the carriers and the soft center held the pill well," Cerny said.  "If you have ever tried to hide a Bute bolus inside of a cored out apple you will really appreciate the pill carriers."

The Keratex Coconut Oil Hoof Balm (which received the innovation award at the 2017 BETA Show in Europe) is manufactured by Keratex, which is one of the first hoof care product manufacturers to capitalize on the benefits of coconut oil.

"This product really stayed on the hooves," Cerny said. You could tell that it really moisturized them by how long the hooves remained dark after application.  It lasted for several days."

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