Attending the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event? Take a walk with us…a Course Walk that is!  

Lexington, Kentucky is the place…the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event specifically—

Please join us on Friday, April 26th, 2019 at 12:00 noon for Cross-Country Course Walk with Top Woman Event Rider in the United States, Caroline Martin sponsored by Mane ‘n Tail and Stateline Tack.  Stateline Tack has been one of many Mane ‘n Tail’s trusted retail partners over the years.

We are meeting at noon sharp, at the first water complex on course jump 5!  Come early! If you are one of the first 200 people in line, you will receive a gift bag courtesy of Mane ‘n Tail and Stateline Tack. Feel like part of the team and see what it would be like to experience the cross-country course.  It’s exciting, even if you are on foot, rather than horseback.  A great bonding time in between the competitions, to get you out and about really feeling a part of the whole three-day event.

Join the cross-country course walk and support Caroline Martin, who since winning the team and individual gold medal at the Northern American Junior Young Rider Championships, has never looked back. In 2014, she made the decision to dedicate her career to the sport of Eventing. Caroline has taken the time to develop each of her horses individually. This has strengthened their trust in each other and is a key component at competitions. Her dedication to the sport is prevalent with her involvement on governing bodies and success in the ring. Caroline has been a long-time supporter of Mane ‘n Tail products.  She depends on Mane ‘n Tail to keep her horses looking impeccable for shows and competitions.  We, in turn do our best to support her, whenever we are able.

Come join Caroline Martin, Stateline Tack, Mane ‘n Tail and get out and walk the course! For images and video, please visit our blog:

 Also, please stop by Stateline Tack’s Booth 224 in the Vendor Building (covered arena). Mane ‘n Tail has a Tailgate 309 Saturday, April 27th, in the Tailgate area.

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Beth Berdofe White
Director of Public Relations




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