The NibbleNet® Story: Out of Thin Air and Conserving Resources

Like many great horse products, The NibbleNet® was the creative brainchild of frustrated horse owner. In this case, Florida entrepreneur and equestrian Deb Rusden, who needed a slow feeding system for her horses. Today her NibbleNet®, manufactured by Thin Air Canvas, Inc., comes in 20 styles and sizes of custom woven, grid pattern webbing, and comes recommended by veterinarians nationwide to aid in the prevention of ulcers, colic, obesity and stall vices.

“We have a NibbleNet to hold everything from a flake to a 50-pound bale,” assures Rusden, who says every NibbleNet uses the most safe and durable materials, right down to UV-resistant, marine-quality thread. “Our unique webbing grid is the best material for slow feeding and is custom woven to resist dirt, rot, mildew and water absorption, and to not stiffen or harden over time.”

NibbleNet has a higher resistance to abrasion, which significantly extends its usefulness and environmental mindfulness because it will not wear out as quickly and end up in a landfill. Rusden says, “We are serious about quality. We are serious about keeping our manufacturing in the United States to provide jobs to Americans. We will never outsource. We give back to our community, our country and always to the horse.”

NibbleNet donates 10% of everything it makes to help horses in need, which has made a difference for rescues like Rainbow Meadows Ranch in Kansas, (, where David and Karen Everhart say slow feeding regulates consumption of economic resources, too: “As a rescue, we must be efficient stewards of all resources, including hay. When we have large populations of horses and huge demands on hay, waste is unacceptable. I gave NibbleNet a chance to help us help the horses, and help they did.”

“Horses are most content when they can nibble all the time,” says Carolyn R. Simmelink, DVM. Find The Original NibbleNet® (not sold in catalogs) registered trademark on each bag of this veterinarian-approved slow feeding system and learn more at

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