Julie Goodnight Weighs in on Grooming

Announces Official Partnership with ShowSheen®

 As a professional horse trainer since 1985, producer of the popular television series Horse Master with Julie Goodnight, long-time competitor and lifelong horse lover, Julie Goodnight, Salida, CO, has learned some tricks of the grooming trade. And with her new company, 2Horse Productions, an equine, nature and adventure lifestyle production company, she puts those years of experience to use, making sure the horses she features look their very best.

“I grew up showing in central Florida throughout the ‘60s and was obsessed with having the best turned out horse on the show grounds. At that time, not knowing any better, I was using a harsh soap that striped away all the natural shine from my horse’s coat, making it dull. It would take two days and a lot of brushing for the natural oils to re-polish his hair,” she recalls. “The problem with this strategy was that the horse could get very dirty in two days.”

Enter ShowSheen® in 1974 and Goodnight’s routine became easier overnight.  “Reading the label on that first bottle, it sounded like a dream come true – and it was! Now I could bathe my horse the morning of the show and he would be shinier and cleaner than any other horse there.”

While Goodnight does not actively compete today, she is still a fan of the miracle spray introduced more than four decades ago. “I no longer attend horse shows every weekend,” she says. “But I still want my horses to look great. I want long, thick manes, full tails, a coat with a radiant shine and bright dapples. ShowSheen is a grooming product that has withstood the test of time.”

Given her lifetime of ShowSheen use, it was only natural for ShowSheen to partner with Goodnight as her exclusive grooming partner. “Julie Goodnight is such a sought-after equine professional, working with riders of all levels and disciplines,” says Amy Cairy, Director of Marketing for W.F. Young. “Given her extensive use of ShowSheen and visibility across all breeds and disciplines, it was natural for us to partner with her.”

Goodnight still prides herself on having impeccably groomed horses. Here, she shares some tips:

Goodnight’s Tips to Achieve Show Ring Shine

  1. Start with a thorough bath using shampoo made for horses. A horse’s skin is four times more sensitive than a human’s, so choosing a product that is pH balanced for a horse’s sensitive skin is important.
  2. Add a conditioner to your coat care routine. Look for a product that both cleans and conditions to save time and money.
  3. Use a detangling product on both manes and tails to save time while grooming and help protect the hair. Spray washed tail and mane while still wet and gently comb through with fingers.
  4. To make your horse’s coat, mane and tail stay clean longer, spray with a product like ShowSheen that helps repel dust.
  5. After the tail is dry, gently braid and put up in a tailbag to prevent breakage and keep the tail from getting tangled.
  6. Avoid using silicone sprays in the saddle area, as they can be slippery.

For more information about Julie Goodnight, visit http://juliegoodnight.com/.

For more grooming tips, visit https://absorbine.com/products/grooming/.

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