Hollywood Trainer Cari Swanson Joins Host Elise Gaston Chand on Because of Horses Podcast

Trainer to the stars Cari Swanson will join Elise Gaston Chand for conversation Friday, May 10, on the Because of Horses podcast. Swanson is an accomplished horsewoman known for providing horses and training to actors for dozens of notable films and television series, including Taking Woodstock, Winter’s Tale, Orange is the New Black and The Knick.

Swanson is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and is the author of Whoa Means Whoa, as well as a contributor to the anthology, Animal Actors. She has taught many celebrities how to ride in preparation for their roles, including Jonathan Groff, Russell Crowe, Colin Farrell, Haley Bennett and Hilary Duff.

Swanson’s positive and creative teaching and training philosophies are the result of the study in multiple disciplines. She is a U.S. Dressage Federation silver medalist and “L” program graduate and eventing competitor through the preliminary level. From her base at Windrock Farm in Amenia, New York, Swanson breeds, trains and sells horses for dressage, jumping, eventing and trail riding, and offers instruction to riders at all levels.

Swanson’s goal in her training is to achieve harmony between horse and rider. She believes in considering the mind, body and spirit of the horse in their training, and teaches riders to work with their heads as well as their seat, legs and hands. Swanson is sought out by top film, television and print media producers and directors due to her ability to produce trained animals who can hit their mark.


"Elise Gaston Chand is the Terry Gross of the equestrian world with her podcast, Because of Horses." ~ Kristine Dahms, Life Between the Ears

“Great variety of viewpoints and information about the wide world of horses, curated by a knowledgeable and passionate equestrian host.” ~ Suzanne from California

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