Langer Equestrian Group Hosts Two Weeks of ‘A’-rated Shows at Hansen Dam Horse Park

Langer Equestrian Group looks forward to hosting two weeks of 'A'-rated horse showing at Hansen Dam Horse Park this month. Verdugo Hills May (May 16-19) will feature the Hansen Dam Grand Prix and a USHJA National Hunter Derby, followed by the LEG Memorial Day Classic Horse Show (May 23-26). Highlights of the Memorial Day Classic will include the 42nd annual Memorial Day Classic Grand Prix, a USHJA International Hunter Derby, and a USHJA National Hunter Derby.

Visit for full details and to submit your entries for two weeks of top-notch horse showing at an excellent facility featuring brand-new geotextile footing in the Grand Prix and Jumper Warm-Up Arenas.

Upcoming Langer Equestrian Group Horse Shows

Hansen Dam Horse Park:

  • Verdugo Hills May (May 16-19) and Memorial Day Classic (May 23-26)
  • Verdugo Hills June (June 14-16)
  • Verdugo Hills August Aloha (Aug. 16-18)
  • Verdugo Hills Fall Festivals (Oct. 3-13) - Hosting LEGIS League Finals
  • Verdugo Hills League Preview (Oct. 25-26)
  • Season Finale (Nov. 15-17)

Los Angeles Equestrian Event Center:

  • Gold Coast July (July 19-21)
  • Gold Coast Labor Day (Aug. 28- Sept. 1) - Hosting the new LAHJA (previously Tri-Valley) 2'6'' Mary Jane Watson Horsemanship and 2' Stirrup Cup Medal Finals.
  • Gold Coast October (Oct. 18-20) - Hosting the LAHJA Junior, Senior, and Pony Medal Finals

Horse Park at Woodside:

  • Woodside Circuit Opener (June 19-23)
  • Bay Area Festival (June 26-30)

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