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Go Daddy - International media and web site host recognizes www.MBrown.gallery as a website design of excellence.

Designed to show case the work of Melinda Brown and the equine images taken for customers over the past 5 years the site was redesigned in 2018. Before that redesign the site won an AHP Equine Media Award in Equine Related-Freelancer Website for 2015.

Brown has a degree in both Photography and Graphic Design and began learning HTML and CSS coding this year to have even more tools. She hopes to help bring customers individuality to their own sites.

“Thank you to Go Daddy for selecting my website www.mbrown.gallery to be your customer of note for design and images. It is a terrific feeling when a corporation that hosts 1.8 million customers and 78 million web sites sends you some love.” - Melinda Brown

Melinda Brown Photography
1043 Hanson Way
Virginia Beach, VA 23454


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