IT’S SPRING! Time to Attend a Cowboy Dressage World Clinic in Your Area

You’ve polished your boots, taken the dust cover off your saddle, and your horse has finally shed his winter coat.

So now what?

Load up, saddle up, and start a fun journey with Cowboy Dressage!

Cowboy Dressage was founded by world-renowned rider Eitan Beth-Halachmy, who has performed for standing-ovation audiences at two World Equestrian Games. Along the way Eitan had an epiphany and understood that in order to teach the depth of what he knew about riding and horsemanship, “I realized one day that a little patience goes a long way when you’re trying to teach a person or a horse. I knew that I’d be a better rider and teacher, as well as a better person, if I practiced patience and kindness.” Those principles are the building blocks for Cowboy Dressage World.

So why entwine the two — dressage and Western riding? “I’ve always wanted to be a cowboy,” smiles Eitan, “and I highly regard dressage as an ultimate art of performance. So I just combined the two.”

Riding in a Cowboy Dressage World clinic is not only fun and affordable, it’s educational for both you and your horse. These clinics ( are unique in that they seek to combine the best of the Western cowboy tradition and traditional dressage, emphasizing knowledge and helping others, rather than competition. And you don’t have to worry about your riding skills or level, you’re always welcome! All breeds are welcome, too. If riding in competition is your goal, Cowboy Dressage also holds “gatherings” (competitions) for students of all levels.

If you’re a little timid about trying anything new, relax! All you need is a Western saddle and a desire to improve your skills and your horse’s responses. And if you need to bring an equine buddy for your horse to keep him calm, no worries! Just have someone hold the buddy horse outside the arena. And be assured that there is no right or wrong in the beginning — instructors are looking for “try.” You’ll be supported in a positive way by all instructors. In addition, a Cowboy Dressage helper will be in the arena if you need one-on-one assurance. The basics of Cowboy Dressage are simple and fun, including riding a pattern over ground obstacles.

To join the Cowboy Dressage World Handshake Membership (it’s free!), click on the icon on the right of the home page You’ll be joining one of the fastest growing equine disciplines in the world!  Yup. It’s FREE.

There are Cowboy Dressage World clinics throughout the United States and around the world. It’s affordable and fun. To find clinics in your area, visit and click on the “events” tab at the top. It will provide you with events listed by states and counties. Come join us!

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