Time Is Running Out To Win FREE Footing from Martin Collins USA

Time is running out to enter the Martin Collins USA sweepstakes for a chance to win nearly 7,800 pounds of CLOPF® fiber footing (retail value of more than $7,600), which is enough fiber to do a large dressage arena. Martin Collins is renowned worldwide for building arenas for top Dressage and Jumping professionals and individuals.

To enter, go to https://martincollins.lpages.co/footing-sweepstakes/. Contest ends May 31, 2019. Sand, shipping, and installation not included. Martin Collins will include a self-installation guide DVD or connect you with one of their approved contractors. The winner may purchase additional CLOPF at 10% off the regular rate. Open to U.S. residents only. See complete rules.

CLOPF is the most cost effective, long lasting, original performance fiber from Martin Collins. It’s available as a stand-alone product, CLOPF® fiber can be used in a new sand installation or to significantly enhance an existing sand or sand/mix footing, without incurring the expense of an all new product.

This proprietary blend of fibers assists in giving more stability via a ‘root structure’ within the sand particles. With the correct maintenance, the horses will work more ‘on the top’ of the footing, rather than ‘into it’. This, in turn, provides cushioning and energy return to the limbs of the horse.

While Martin Collins footing is consistently the arena footing of choice for top-level competitors around the world, it is also the perfect addition to any arena, round pen or exerciser. With more than 40 year of experience and the highest quality standards, Martin Collins is the best investment you can make to your farm and to your horse’s health.

To learn more about Martin Collins surfaces, or to request a complimentary footing guide or consultation, please visit MartinCollinsUSA.com. Follow us on Facebook at Facebook.com/martincollinsusa.

About Martin Collins USA
Martin Collins Enterprises, founded in 1977, has installed over 4,000 surfaces around the globe, including at prestigious venues such as Royal Windsor Horse Show, and Hickstead. In the USA, Martin Collins has installed sport horse surfaces from coast to coast, including Sonoma Horse Park and Florida Horse Park.

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