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It is undoubtedly true that humans are visual thinkers. As the consumer has been saturated with images the quality of these images has become more important. Venngage.com, an industry leader in marketing writes, “69% say high quality visuals are very important or absolutely necessary.” A high quality image is needed to attract attention. A quality still or video image is more important than ever before.”

Toward the goal of filling that image need admin, Melinda Brown, is excited to introduce - www.Horsestockphotography.com.

“HSP was begun to bring quality images together from diverse photographers, with diverse subjects and points of view. We want one site where content providers could browse and purchase images to make an impact,” says Brown.

“The future of SEO is image recognition. Google states that SEO will move away from keywords to image metadata. Our plan is to grow in diversity and provide continually updated catalogs created for you. Let’s bring your messages, articles, and content forward in SEO and the consumers mind. High quality images are for high quality impact,” says Brown.

Images are available for stock purchase in the following 13 categories;

  1. English
  2. Western
  3. Dressage
  4. Horse and Horse-Human Bonds
  5. Farrier
  6. Therapies
  7. Veterinary
  8. Around the Farm
  9. Barnyard Animals
  10. Feed Bedding and Hay
  11. Trailers
  12. In the Pastures
  13. In the Pastures/Winter

Requests for content are accepted. Call or email melindabrownarts@gmail.com / 757 642-0937

Melinda Brown - BA Graphic Design, Photographer, Four time finalist in web design, editorial image, equine portrait, AHP Equine Media Award winner.  Known for her attention to detail and quality with expression and presence in equine portraits.




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