The Timid Rider Earns Second Place in Equine Media Awards Blog Category

“The Timid Rider” earned second place in the Publishing Media Equine-related Blog category at the 2019 American Horse Publications High Desert Media Roundup on Saturday, June 1, 2019, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The personal blog from Heather Wallace was launched in June 2018 and details her innermost thoughts first as a returning adult equestrian and then a new horse owner who overthinks everything and questions whether she is good enough.

Combining an honest, relatable voice and motivational message about struggles with confidence in the saddle and out, the judge found the website easy to navigate and very engaging to readers resulting in the runner-up position behind Western Horseman.

About “The Timid Rider”
My name is Heather Wallace, and I love horses. Perhaps you are a bit nervous or lacking confidence yourself or maybe not. However, I’m here to share my story and tell you that if I can pursue my passion in spite of dips in self-confidence, then so can you. To me, “timid” doesn’t mean scared but careful. It means lacking confidence in my abilities. That isn’t always the case, but as a mother of three young daughters, I don’t take risks. More, I often wonder if I’m good enough. You know, that inner voice that tells you that you need to be better, work harder, and jump higher?

It took me a while to realize that there is no such thing as perfection. By giving myself a break and being honest with myself, I am having a lot more fun. It doesn’t matter if you love horses or want to be a professional anything. What matters is that you try your hardest and do what you love.

Hopefully by sharing my feelings honestly it will help you in some way. Visit to view recent blog posts, request a media kit, schedule an interview or order my award-winning book, "Confessions of a Timid Rider". You may also find me on Facebook and Instagram.

About the Equine Media Awards
Held since 1974, the American Horse Publications (AHP) annual awards contest offers members an opportunity to be recognized for excellence in a variety of equine media categories. This year’s competition for material published in 2018 drew 711 entries from 119 members.

The Equine Media Awards, open to AHP members only, offer a Publishing Media Division for print or online publications and freelancers as well as a Business Division for equine-related businesses, nonprofit organizations, and colleges.

The Equine Media Awards presentation was held on Saturday evening, June 1, 2019, at the Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town during the AHP “High Desert Media Roundup” in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

For information on the AHP Equine Media Awards or the AHP Equine Media Conference in Albuquerque, contact or visit

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