Scratch Me Silly Testimonial by Equine Therapist

"I use Scratch Me Silly to provide itch relief to horses, as well as provide some massage. It reaches those areas that can be challenging to reach, such as belly, rump and legs. I’m able to keep myself in a safe position while engaging in a bonding activity with the horses. I also use Scratch Me Silly with horses who need additional desensitization with respect to touch. Working in the equine therapy field, Scratch Me Silly has proven very useful with clients who have physical or cognitive challenges. These clients can easily use Scratch Me Silly and engage with a horse in a safe and enriching manner. Whether seated or standing, clients can engage with a horse for a mutually beneficial experience."  Maria K., Purcellville, VA

This is a MUST-HAVE tool for every barn. Scratch Me Silly is a great product for the over-55 age group many of whom are not able to bend as easily as they once could. Learn more about Scratch Me Silly and its many benefits at

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