DiO Horse Liniment Announces Canine Industry Dog Care Innovation ~ DiO Dog Liniment to Relieve Pain & Inflammation

DiO donates product profits to help dogs in need through Angus Angel Fund

DiO Horse Liniment introduces DiO Dog Liniment, a canine industry dog care innovation. The dog liniment prevents and relieves joint and muscle pain, swelling, and inflammation due to overexertion, arthritis, minor injuries, and other chronic conditions.

DiO Dog Liniment is based on DiO’s Horse Liniment formula, a proprietary mineral blend within an Epsom salts profile. The liniment is odorless, colorless, doesn’t stain, non-greasy, all-natural, and chemical-free.

“Customers have been very pleased with the excellent results they’re seeing using DiO Dog Liniment. Dog owners appreciate the product’s capability in preventing and alleviating pain and inflammation to support their dogs’ happiness, comfort, performance, and quality of life,” continues Conklin.

DiO helps dogs in need with every bottle of liniment sold and via dog themed clothing sales through the Angus Angel Fund. A percentage of the profits of each bottle sold and 100% of clothing profits are given to dog charities.

“DiO Dog Liniment was inspired by Angus, a dog that endured a lifetime of pain and inflammation due breaking his hips prior to my family adopting him as a puppy,” notes Jon Conklin, DiO CEO. “Throughout Angus's life we were always looking for a product that could relieve his hip pain and swelling but never found anything we loved or trusted enough to use. We developed the liniment as a solution for a safe all natural topical product to help dogs like Angus.”

“The Angus Angel Network is named in Angus’ honor, and 100% of the profits from clothing sold is given to help dogs in need at dog rescue groups and other dog charities,” explains Conklin.

The topical liniment may be used as part of a dog’s daily health care regime which may include exercise, oral supplements, and medication.

The liniment doesn't tingle, heat, or cool when applied so dogs won't get irritated from unpleasant sensations. DiO Dog Liniment is safe if is accidentally ingested, for example, if a dog happens to lick the application area. No rubber gloves are needed to apply the product.

DiO Dog Liniment is available in a 16 oz. ready to use spray  It’s available for purchase at DiO retailers in the US, www.doglinimnet.com , and www.drawliniment.com .

About DiO
DiO Liniment was founded in 2014 by horse industry veterans and longtime dog owners, Jon Conklin and Kenny Mosher, because they care about horses’ and dogs’ health and well-being and recognized a need for all-natural chemical free horse and dog liniments that are effective, easy to apply, and odorless. Contact: Jon Conklin, 844-434-6462, sales@drawliniment.com


DiO product images are available via the Drop Box link below or request via email to sales@drawliniment.com

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Jon Conklin

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