Cavallo Horse & Rider: Plastic-Free Packaging Policy in Place; Community Embraces Plastic-Free

This spring, Cavallo Horse & Rider announced a mandate: Their packaging would be plastic-free for all hoof boot pad packaging. The goal was quickly implemented. The packages are now fully replaced with minimal cardboard strips.

 After 19 years in business, Cavallo knows their customers well. They are intelligent, savvy, sensible, forward-thinking, and, above all, want to do the very best by their horse. It makes sense that this type of person would also care about our environment and understand the importance of reducing single-use plastic. The company is proud of the initiative and the announcement to change the packaging returned an amazing response. The announcement returned a passionate response—the biggest response the company has ever had from any emails, articles, or press releases sent. Company founders sincerely hope that more equestrian companies take note of this success and join us in offering plastic-free packaging.

Watch and hear Cavallo Horse & Rider President Carole Herder talk about the new packaging:

Here’s what some of your fellow horse folks have sent in:

 "Thanks for making this change in packaging, Carole. I think it is very important as well and salute you for your decision!"

-    Sincerely, Lorraine Beaudette

"REALLY, REALLY impressed with your company's efforts to be a front leader in reducing plastic packaging in your products. I'll spread the word!"

-    Cheers, Jill

"Thank you so much for fixing this mistake.  This is huge, and I hope everyone in the industry of helping horses will follow your lead."

-    Best Regards, Debra Davino Patzer

"Thanks for caring and making a change when you could have chosen to do nothing. People who care appreciate it. Well done."

-    Vicki and 3 happy barefoot horses!

"Thank you for caring about the environment.  Packaging is so overdone on most products.  Hopefully others will follow your lead."

-    Jean Grammling

"Bravo!! It is a reallybig thing and I am so happy to see it!! You go!!"

-    Jill

"Oh, Carole, THANK YOU!!! I love that you are thinking about NO MORE PLASTIC! Not only less waste but less use of petrochemicals. And that can't be anything but marvelous!!"

-    Jamie

"That's great news! Good, simple idea, funny folks go on about recycling like they just thought of it, it was in fact a natural thing of the past with most things. Well done. My Mare, Apache, has her Cavallos on lately, slowly riding out in them."

-    Alison

"Cheers to you for eliminating that plastic!!!"

-    Celia

"Yay - thanks for eliminating plastic packaging! A good step in the right direction. I hope that many companies will follow your example! Happy Earth Day!"

-    Isabel Just

"Hi Carole – kudos to you!! And, it is a big deal! Every little iota of reducing plastic over the long haul helps. I hope more companies take your lead and rethink packaging of their products!"

-    Lorraine

"Awesome!!!' This is my goal and message to spread this year too!"

-    Deni Whiting

"Thank you for caring so deeply for our horses and researching ways to help our planet, Carol. We need more planet-conscious businesses like Cavallo. BTW- My husband's horse enjoys his Cavallo boots!"

 -    Susan

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