A New Kind of Horse-Crazy

Imagine Equine LLC Launches New Website and Equine-Inspired Creative Network

More than just an online interactive publication for the Equine Hobbyist, Imagine Equine is a creative network for all artists inspired by the magic of horses… Photography, modeling, drawing/painting, creative writing and more!

The creative team behind Imagine Equine is Jaime Johnson, of Louisville, KY and Jenn Trickey, of Santa Ynez, CA. Both with bachelor degrees in public relations/advertising and studio art, respectively, they have a lifetime of experience in the world of horses which has evolved in over 30 combined years of award-winning graphic design and marketing communication solutions for hundreds of farms over five continents. Support of education, the visual arts, and creativity is important to Jaime and Jenn and they are a power-packed pair when it comes to digital and print media.

“Our goal is to provide this equine-inspired creative arts community with an interactive network of audio/video resources, tutorials, calendars of events, event coverage, membership directories and creative inspirations designed for all ages,” Jenn says,  “The platform is framed to offer a common stage for an artist or enthusiast to showcase their work, learn from others, and grow their involvement.”

“Imagine Equine supports the growth and education of equine inspired creativity, from the admirer to the fine artist and all levels of equine hobbyist in between,” Jaime adds, “As the creative network grows, so do the possibilities to embrace more creativity in equine inspired children and adults alike!”

The latest summer publication of Imagine Equine can be found on their website at: https://imagineequine.com/sample-issue/. Become a Member to receive multiple member benefits, including the 2 remaining quarterly issues of their publication to be released in August (Fall Issue) and November (Winter Issue).

Contact: Jaime Johnson or Jennifer Trickey, Owners
Email: jjohnson@imagineequine.com or jenn@imagineequine.com
Website: www.ImagineEquine.com

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