Abigail Boatwright Communications Article “Running Wild” about Mustang Maddy Wins American Horse Publications Equine Media Award  

Abigail Boatwright’s article “Running Wild” about popular equine training clinician “Mustang Maddy” earned Best Personality Profile at the 2019 American Horse Publications Equine Media Awards, held June 1 during the AHP High Desert Media Roundup in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Boatwright’s piece about Madison Shambaugh was published in Horse & Rider magazine in October 2018. Topping 19 other entries, the piece received positive critiques from the contest’s judges.

“This is a good profile,” wrote the judge. “This story is relatable to a broader audience than horse enthusiasts because it’s about communication and self-improvement.”

The award is Boatwright’s sixth first-place American Horse Publication award for her writing during in her 13 years of working in equine media.

“I’m honored that my work has been recognized alongside the best equine journalists in our industry,” Boatwright said. “I value the critiques given by the judges, and it’s such a great feeling to see my story earn an award in this tough category.”

Boatwright also earned an “Honorable Mention” distinction in the Service to the Horse Industry class for “Good Bones,” an article featuring research by Dr. Brian Nelson on the detrimental effects of stall rest on equine bone density. His research was funded in part by the American Quarter Horse Foundation, and the story appeared in the April 2018 issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal.

 “I feel the content of this story is so important for horse owners, trainers and barn managers to know,” Boatwright said. “I was glad to be able to share Dr. Nelson’s findings with Journal readers, and to be recognized in this category at the AHP Equine Media Awards was icing on the cake.”

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About Abigail Boatwright Communications
Abigail Boatwright has 13 years' experience writing and photographing for equine publications. Since 2011, Abigail has written for more than a dozen magazines including AQHA Media, Paint Horse Journal, CHROME, Barrel Horse News, Horse & Rider, Horse Illustrated, Quarter Horse News and Western Horseman. She writes profiles, training pieces, health articles and profiles, as well as lifestyle pieces. Her equine photography has graced 23 magazine covers, and her stock library (stock.abigailboatwright.com) houses 1400 equine images. Abigail co-owns The Freelance Remuda, a podcast and resource for professionals in equine media. She is based in Fort Worth, Texas. Abigailboatwright.com

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