NRHA and NRHA Reiner Earned Awards at 2019 AHP Equine Media Awards Dinner 

The annual American Horse Publications (AHP) three-day conference held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2019 features the Equine Media Awards Dinner and Presentations. This year's AHP Equine Media Awards competition featured nearly 700 entries for materials published in 2018. After the entries were reviewed and the judging was complete, the National Reining Horse Association’s (NRHA) monthly publication, the NRHA Reiner, and the marketing department received multiple awards.

Gary Carpenter, NRHA Commissioner, reflected on the awards received by NRHA. “As proud as I am of what our Reiner and marketing staff accomplished in this competition, the key to me is that competition helps us stay sharp and keep our edge. Ultimately, it’s the value we bring to NRHA members that matters.”

NRHA Placing Entries

3rd Place—Editorial Event Coverage Single Article Circulation or Users Under 20,000; 14 Entries
NRHA Reiner
—2018 NRHA Derby
By Megan Arszman

2nd Place—Business Equine-Related Single Print Advertisement; 19 Entries
National Reining Horse Association—2018 NRHA Derby
Jana Thomason, Designer
Hayley Eberle, Manager of Marketing & Outreach

2nd Place—Business Equine-Related Multimedia Ad Campaign; Five Entries
National Reining Horse Association—2018 NRHA Derby
Jana Thomason, Designer
Hayley Eberle, Designer/Manager of Marketing & Outreach

3rd Place—Business Equine-Related Long Video; 12 Entries
National Reining horse Association—Respect the Horse, Respect the Sport
AIM Equine Network, Production Team
Mariah Hammerschmidt, Producer

Founded in 1966, the National Reining Horse Association is a nonprofit association dedicated to promoting and encouraging the development of and public interest in the sport of reining. The focus is on developing and maintaining suitable standards of performance and judging and in providing a fun filled, family-oriented atmosphere. 

 Media Contact:
Hayley Eberle
Manager of Marketing & Outreach
National Reining Horse Association
(405) 946-7400 x 103

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