Empowering Women with a Family First Culture  

Asmar celebrates its 17th anniversary

The Noel Asmar Group, which includes Noel Asmar Uniforms, Asmar Equestrian and Noel Asmar Collections, is celebrating 17 years of creating stylish apparel that offers confidence, allure and a sense of wellness in the luxury hospitability, equestrian and fashion realms. It's often said that necessity is the mother of invention, and when Noel Asmar started her first company back in 2002, she realized that supporting and empowering women wasn’t just important with the products she created, it was equally important for her company’s culture. Company values matter and for Asmar, empowerment has always been a pillar. “It is the essence of our identity, our way of life and it perfectly summarizes the purpose of our existence,” stated Asmar.

It may have become a common theme today, but 17 years ago the notion of empowering women and supporting them with options like flexible work schedules was a foreign concept. But Asmar, a working mom herself, found that many of the women applying for her open positions were mothers looking to return to work after a longer than anticipated absence, or those who needed a role that afforded them a stable income and a flexible schedule. Such was the case with Allison Nassey. Now Asmar’s Director of Account and Client Relations, Nassey started with Asmar in 2005. “Noel understood my challenges as a single mother with a child who had health issues,” said Nassey. “I was re-entering the work force at that time and it was necessary for me to have a flexible schedule so that I could attend to my daughter. I was and still am, grateful that Noel has been so accommodating to my needs. Not only was she accommodating but she was always willing to listen and provide helpful suggestions.” Asmar, who hires her employees based on personality fit first and skill second, believes female employees are an invaluable asset to the workforce. “Just because someone has a special circumstance or set of needs, shouldn’t discount the value they can bring to the table,” she says.

Asmar considers herself as much of an entrepreneur as she is a family person, so creating a family-friendly culture that is supportive and open, has always been important to her. Doing so has also allowed Asmar to build her companies, while also keeping her own family at the center of everything she’s done. “I consider that my biggest win in life,” she goes on to say. “Success in one without the other wouldn’t be success for me.” Which is why she understands how important it is to offer the same support to her employees.

Over the past 17 years, Asmar has grown from a husband and wife duo operating out of her basement to a team of 30+ operating from a formal office space that Asmar herself designed. They service some of the top resorts and spas in the world from the Four Seasons to the Ritz Carlton, outfit world class equestrians including top event rider Lauren Kieffer, and have inspired countless women around the world. But what hasn’t changed 17 years later is her passion to empower women. Said Noel, “I have always believed that clothes can help empower you and that is still the principle I follow every day when designing new collections.” Asmar is proud to have created an environment at the Noel Asmar Group of Companies that supports women and families in all areas and sets them up for success.

To shop the Noel Asmar Group of companies visit www.noelasmaruniforms.com for modern uniforms for the hospitality industry, www.asmarequestrian.com for the equestrian collection and www.noelasmarcollection.com for the ready to wear fashion collections.

About the Noel Asmar Group
Founded in 2002, the highly successful lifestyle brand, which includes Noel Asmar Uniforms, Asmar Equestrian and PedicureBowls.com, has received worldwide acclaim from the likes of Vogue and Bazaar Magazine. Celebrated around the world, Asmar’s designs can be found in some of the most iconic spas and resorts from the Four Seasons to the Ritz Carlton, they outfitted the Canadian Equestrian Team for the Summer Olympics in Rio, and work with world class riders and well known celebrities including Kaley Cuoco. Founder Noel Asmar has received numerous awards for her innovations and is consistently named one of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs by Chatelaine. For more information, visit www.noelasmaruniforms.com 

Contact: Rebecca Goss, 617-851-3767, becki@noelasmar.com

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