The American Driving Society, Inc. Affiliate Status Statement

The American Driving Society, Inc. (ADS) has a proud 45-year tradition of focus on its core mission of supporting, developing and enhancing the sport of carriage driving in the United States. For many years that tradition has included being the carriage driving affiliate of the United States Equestrian Federation, Inc. (USEF).

After many months of concentrated effort, the Board of Directors of the ADS reached the conclusion that the ADS’s role as affiliate is no longer in the best interests of the vast majority of their membership.  Accordingly, the ADS Board of Directors voted unanimously not to renew their Affiliate Agreement.

The Board is as diverse as the ADS membership.  It includes competitors of all levels, officials, organizers and volunteers; as well as many ADS members who do not compete in activities recognized by USEF: who drive equines purely for the love of driving. The Board is united in their commitment to the ADS, its members, and to the sport of carriage driving. The Board believes that ADS resources are best focused tightly on the sport and on achieving the core mission which has been a part of the Society’s bylaws for many years. The amount of time and money required to serve the Affiliate relationship requirements and the related USEF agenda were simply beyond what was appropriate for the ADS to commit to for a small segment of the sport of carriage driving.

ADS began negotiations with USEF in the Fall of 2018 and worked many hours united in a good faith effort to reach an agreement with the USEF management team to create a relationship meeting the member’s needs as well as those of USEF. Regrettably, the Board has concluded that this is simply not possible. Since those ADS member’s needs are, by charter, the ADS’s major mission; the Board can no longer continue to divert ADS resources, nor could we justify dedicating additional resources to solely USEF support activities.

The Board of the ADS realizes that this will be a period of some change for the sport.  They feel this decision is in the best interests of the vast majority of participants and members. The Board cannot in good conscience continue to devote the amount of human and financial resources required for an affiliation that does not adequately meet the needs of the ADS membership.

We are the ADS!!

The Board of Directors of The American Driving Society, Inc.

Daniel M. Rosenthal – President, Member ADS, USEF, DPRA (Life), USDFD (Life), USDF
Danute Bright – Vice President, Member ADS (Life), USEF. Official – ADS, USEF
Rochelle Temple – Vice President, Member ADS (Life), USEF, USDF. Official - ADS, USEF, FEI 2*
Teresa Bron – Secretary, Member ADS, USEF, USDF
Patrick Cheatham – Treasurer, Member ADS
Maren Amdal – Member ADS
Jessica Axelsson – Member ADS (Life), USEF. Official – ADS, USEF
Gwenyth Bassetti – Member ADS, USEF
Allyn Carman – Member ADS, USEF
Ann Craig – Member ADS
Suzanne Edwards – Member ADS, USEF
Kacy Tipton-Fashik – Member ADS, USEF. Official-ADS, USEF
Heidi Ferguson – Member ADS, USEF
Ruth Graves – Member ADS, USEF. Official - ADS
Margaret Grillet – Member ADS
Maureen Grippa – Member ADS, USEF
Marc Johnson – Member ADS, USEF. Official – ADS, USEF, FEI 2*
Diane Koopman – Member ADS
Pam Miller-Mitchell – Member ADS, USEF
Tracey Morgan – Member ADS, USEF. Official – ADS
Jeff Morse – Member ADS, USEF
Jada Neubauer – Member ADS, USEF
Kelly Valdes – Member ADS (Life), USEF (Life
Lynn West – Member ADS
Hilda Wilkins – Member ADS, USEF
Esther (Boots) Wright – Member ADS (Life), USEF (Life). Official – ADS, USEF, FEI 3*

Honorary Directors

Audrey Bostwick – Founding Member ADS (Life), USEF
Elaine Kendig – Member ADS (Life)
Natasha Grigg – MemberADS (Life), USEF (Life)
Ann Pringle – Member ADS (Life), USEF, CAA
Holliday Pulsifer – Member ADS (Life). USEF Official – ADS
Hardy Zantke – Member ADS (Life), USEF, USDFD. Official – ADS, USEF, FEI 3*, FEI Para Driving 3*
Susan Koso – Member ADS (Life). Official- ADS, USEF

Abbie Trexler, ADS Executive Director

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