Jim Masterson to Appear on Award-Winning Podcast Because of Horses

Jim Masterson, founder of The Masterson Method®, will join Elise Gaston Chand for a conversation on the Because of Horses podcast Friday, July 12. Because of Horses was founded by Chand in 2017 and was recently honored with two American Horse Publications Media Awards. The podcast has over 40,000 subscribers across the globe.

Jim Masterson began his career as a bodyworker in the elite hunter/jumper competition facilities in Wellington, Florida. His connection with horses their consistent responses to his work led to the development of The Masterson Method. Masterson is the author of the best-seller “Beyond Horse Massage" and ”The Dressage Horse Optimized,” both published by Trafalgar Square. He is the producer of many Masterson Method instructional videos.

Masterson was the official equine massage therapist for the 2006-2014 United States Equestrian Team (USET) Endurance Team, and for clientele competing in FEI World Cup, Pan Am and World Equestrian Games. He has worked with members of the USET Singles Driving Team and members of the USET Jumping Team.

“It is impossible to overestimate Jim’s ability to keep performance horses working at their peak level. Simply put, he is like having a secret weapon,” said FEI Endurance competitor Meg Sleeper, DVM.

Masterson says that anyone can become a “secret weapon” and learn the techniques he has used on top competition horses to improve their performance and to improve the relationship between horse and rider or handler. He says that The Masterson Method techniques are helpful when dealing with nervous or hot horses, mustangs or horses that have behavior issues from trauma.

Masterson is a featured presenter at Equitana in Australia and Europe, Equine Affaire, Western States Expo, Midwest Horse Fair, Your Horse Live in the UK and more. The Masterson Method has a network of hundreds of practitioners, coaches and instructors in the U.S., Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Over 5,000 people have taken his introductory Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminars.

The Because of Horses episode featuring Masterson will be available Friday, July 12 and can be found on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and many other podcast apps or click here for more information.

The Masterson Method was developed by Jim Masterson after many years as a professional equine bodyworker. It is an interactive approach to equine massage in which the horse is an active participant. The practitioner learns to recognize and use the responses of the horse to their touch. Through the horse’s response the practitioner is able to locate and relieve tension in key junctions of the horse’s body that most affect performance. It is something done with the horse, rather than to the horse.

Anyone can learn The Masterson Method. For horse owners, horse care givers and equestrians, The Masterson Method can deepen the bond between horse and human.  It is a significant way to improve performance, open new levels of communication and develop the horse’s trust.

Countless testimonials tell the stories of horses and humans that have been forever transformed for the better by The Masterson Method. Read Masterson Method participants’ testimonials here.



Each week, Elise Gaston Chand hosts informative and entertaining conversations with, for and about horses, horse-people and the equestrian life. Because of Horses is the horse-lover’s podcast for listeners worldwide, sharing notable equestrians’ personal stories, challenges, triumphs and expert insights, as well as timely topics and exciting event information from around the globe. Because of Horses is an American Horse Publications award winner and is the official podcast of the Hampton Classic.

For more information, go to BecauseofHorses.com

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