Dr. Gerd Heuschmann Teams Up with Equitopia to Provide Education and Training

Equitopia, a global leader in the provision of online and in person training, guided by evidence and research, on the care, welfare and training of horses is delighted to announce that Dr. Gerd Heuschmann will be joining the world renowned team of consultants that direct the educational content of the company.

Dr. Heuschmann, is a Veterinarian, internationally recognized trainer and teacher as well as author of groundbreaking books including Balancing Act, Tug of War and Collection or Contortion.

Rooted in principles of classical dressage based on the book “Gymnasium of the Horse” by Gustav Steinbrecht and supported by modern day research , Dr. Heuschmann is passionate about understanding the biomechanics and nature of the horse in a way that leads not only to optimum gymnastic development of the horse physically, but also mentally and, most importantly,  in harmony.

“Our goal, through correct training, is to make sure we do not sacrifice the body or mind of the horse through the desire to get things done quickly”, says Heuschmann – “Competitive goals can be met without compromising the welfare of the horse – we must be patient and have the  ability to look at the long term benefits instead of short term gains that can be very costly in the long run, both to horse and rider”.

Dr. Heuschmann will join fellow training consultant, Dr. Karin Leibbrandt of the Netherlands, author of “Compassionate Training for Today’s Sporthorse” where they will focus on providing online and in person training and education on the Equitopia website and on site at various clinic events around the world.

“Dr. Heuschmann is a great addition to our community” says Caroline Hegarty, the Irish born founder of Equitopia.  “We are so pleased to have another passionate, skilled horseman on our team and are excited for the future of our educational program.”

The first of Dr. Heuschmann’s online courses, “The Biomechanics of Head and Neck Position” is now available on Equitopia’s website, www.equitopiacenter.com, as well as Dr. Leibbrandt’s course, “Compassionate Training for Today’s Sporthorse.”

Dr. Heuschmann will give a two day clinic at Equitopia’s Headquarters in Thornton, California on 30th and 31st of August.  Details here: https://www.equitopiacenter.com/calendar/

Equitopia offers a monthly membership program for $4.95 per month as well as low cost, high quality video courses, blogs, podcasts, webinars and more.  For membership information, visit https://www.equitopiacenter.com/sign-up/

At Equitopia, we envision a world where humans live in harmony with horses based on a deep understanding and regard for the horse’s needs in today’s world.

Our mission is to empower the horse industry with reliable resources supported by research and evidence, to guide them in the evolution towards compassionate horsemanship.

For more information contact Caroline Hegarty at (707) 704 4904 or Caroline@equitopiacenter.com


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