BUCKEYE™ Nutrition Launches Two New Senior Horse Feeds

SAFE ‘N EASY™ Senior and Senior Balancer are formulated to meet the unique needs of senior horses

BUCKEYE™ Nutrition, part of Mars Horsecare US, Inc., today launched two new products for senior horses – SAFE ‘N EASY™ Senior and Senior Balancer. Formulated with the senior horse in mind, these new products offer nutritional benefits for horses needing a feed tailored to their unique senior needs.

SAFE ‘N EASY Senior is a 14 percent protein, 10 percent crude fat and 20 percent crude fiber extruded (pressure cooked) feed. It is easy to chew for all older horses and ponies, especially those with dental issues. Additionally, it has limited carbohydrates at a maximum of 14.5 percent NSC (sugar + starch) to help support metabolism. It also includes a tailored blend or prebiotics and probiotics to support overall gut health.

Senior Balancer is a 32 percent protein, 5 percent crude fat and 5.5 percent fiber pelleted ration balancer. With a daily joint support included in the feed – 2,500 mg of MSM per pound – as well as vitamins and minerals, this ration balancer offers total nutritional care – no additional supplements needed. It is a versatile balancer to complement a forage-first diet.

“We created these feeds to meet the unique needs of senior horses,” said Nettie Liburt, PhD, PAS, Senior Equine Nutrition Manager, Mars Horsecare US, Inc. “We’re excited to bring these two formulations to the market. From lesson horses and retired campaigners to show horses still going strong, all kinds of senior horses hold a special place in the hearts of many, and we are so proud to have these feeds just for them.”

To celebrate the senior horse, BUCKEYE Nutrition is giving away, to one lucky winner, a custom drawing of a senior horse or pony and three free bags of SAFE ‘N EASY Senior and Senior Balancer. To enter the giveaway, share your senior horse story using #ShareYourSeniorStories on BUCKEYE Nutrition Facebook and Instagram. The celebration on social media also includes #SeniorSense with interesting facts about senior horse health.

In addition to the launch of SAFE ‘N EASY Senior and Senior Balancer, BUCKEYE Nutrition will also launch SAFE ‘N EASY Complete this fall. SAFE ‘N EASY Complete will be able to be fed as a complete feed (without forage), for horses with poor teeth or those with limited forage in their diet. SAFE ‘N EASY Complete can also be used as a forage-extender to supplement lesser quality hay or pasture. This addition to the SAFE ‘N EASY product line has low sugar and starch, no corn or molasses and includes prebiotic fiber to aid in promoting overall digestive health.

When senior horse owners want a feed from a 100 percent equine-focused company, made from 100 percent pure, traceable ingredients, from a 100 percent med-free mill, they can now purchase SAFE ‘N EASY Senior and Senior Balancer.

Both SAFE ‘N EASY Senior and Senior Balancer will be available in stores in mid- to late-July. SAFE ‘N EASY Complete will be available this fall. To find your local BUCKEYE Nutrition dealer or e-commerce retailer, please visit BuckeyeNutrition.com.

About BUCKEYE Nutrition
BUCKEYE Nutrition combines science, innovation and a genuine passion for horses to produce the highest-quality, safest feed possible. Every product is formulated by equine PhD nutritionists and produced in a state-of-the-art, medication-free facility. BUCKEYE Nutrition takes feed safety seriously, using only 100% pure ingredients delivered daily and traced from field to feed bucket. These stringent quality standards are backed by the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition, a world-leading authority on animal care. In business since 1910, BUCKEYE Nutrition is passionate about unlocking the full potential of horses, allowing them to live longer, healthier and happier lives. Visit BuckeyeNutrition.com.

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