World Equine Nutrition Leader Cavalor® Announces Advanced Nutrition Solution Bronchix Pulmo for Reduction in Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage (EIPH)

Showjumpers, eventers and racehorses are discovering the benefits of the latest innovative problem-solving product from world equine nutrition experts, Cavalor.

Their latest product, Bronchix Pulmo, is an easily administered paste supplement that offers pulmonary support to horses experiencing respiratory issues and reduced performance.  The herbal mixture works by strengthening blood vessels, improves tissue elasticity and helps to maintain airway patency in the equine respiratory system. The research shows this helps resolve EIPH disease and can be used as a preventative measure to avoid the occurrence of EIPH.

Horses have been diagnosed with EIPH from all disciplines, especially those that include intense or fast bouts of exercise. A recent study that involved over 900 horses revealed that the incidence of EIPH in show-jumpers that participated at the 4 and 5 star level can be up to 50%.

A recent clinical study (view results: conducted by Dr. Emmanuelle van Erck-Westergren and Dr. Fe ter Woort of Equine Sports Medicine Practice, Waterloo, Belgium, demonstrated that daily use of Cavalor Bronchix Pulmo oral supplementation during a 25 day period significantly reduced the incidence and severity of EIPH in Thoroughbred racehorses during a period of intensive training. This study is the first phase of Cavalor’s research proving the product’s efficacy. The results showed that none of the horses studied bled at T2 (a key measurement for EIPH). Their results showed that Cavalor Bronchix Pulmo had a mild anti-inflammatory effect and reduced signs of inflammation in the lower airways. The red blood cells in the samples were drastically reduced, and the conclusion was that none of the horses had experienced lung bleeding after the treatment.

Advanced eventer Erika Nesler, has been part of Bronchix Pulmo product testing from the beginning.

“My 3* horse Carter lives on it and he hasn’t bled again since we began using it. He actually bled out after the Plantation CIC3 (now a CCI4S) in 2017. I reached out to Laura and Peter Bollen at Cavalor directly, as to what we could do to help him. We put him on the Bronchix Pure and Peter shipped me the Bronchix Pulmo during the testing phase. We ran Fairhill CCI3* (now CCi4*L) after Plantation that year, and finished 15th just adding one rail to our dressage score. We scoped him and no blood. In 2018 he finished 5th at the April Fair Hill Advanced HT and we scoped him after that. No blood. So now I start him on it the minute I start doing canter sets,” explained Nesler, keen to share her happiness with the benefits she has seen firsthand utilizing Bronchix Pulmo.

If you would like to improve your horses’ performance success and improve your chances with nutritional advances to enhance your horses’ health, please visit the Cavalor website for more information. Cavalor is a world leader in equine nutrition and their products are making a world of difference to competitors across the globe.

About Cavalor® North America, Dalton, GA: Cavalor is a global brand that can justifiably be called the world leader in equine nutrition for high-performance horses. Cavalor® products are available in more than 50 countries worldwide and are used by champion riders. Cavalor® offers a complete line of horse feed, supplements and care products.

The company's values are: Innovation - Quality - Results. They dedicate themselves to inventing, manufacturing and distributing the best quality and most effective equine nutrition products in the world for the health, performance and happiness of all horses, from a foal’s first steps to retirement.

Please visit to learn more about their top quality line of products used by advanced riders for their high performance horses, ‘when the result counts.’

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