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High Horse Video Productions, Inc, Wraps Up Season 16 of Ken McNabb: Discovering the Horseman Within

Season 16 of the RFDTV series, Ken McNabb: Discovering the Horseman Within is completed and ready to air over the next several months on the popular agricultural and equine cable network.  This is the 10th year of filming the series for High Horse Video Productions and this time it included being on location in Lovell, WY, the home ranch for Ken McNabb’s cattle and horse training operation.

This time the shoot had High Horse Video staying on location in its mobile unit for more than a week in pretty rough areas, depending on generators and propane to keep batteries charged and cameras running for the duration.   But the backdrop was worth it.  The 17 episodes utilize the western setting and the location made for beautiful and dramatic views surrounding Ken’s great horse training on screen.

The series airs on RFDTV and The Cowboy Channel on DISH and DIRECTV as well as many cable networks on Tuesdays.  Check local listings for times.

Based in Colorado, High Horse Video Productions has been producing quality broadcast and educational products since 2004. Since then they have provided over 300 episodes for RFDTV programming as well as nearly 100 hours of educational videos. In addition to Ken McNabb Horsemanship, High Horse Video has produced for Parelli Natural Horsemanship, Craig Cameron Horsemanship and many others.  With equine and corporate clients from coast to coast, the company’s high quality work combined with their extensive knowledge of horses keeps them in demand as the premier production company for trainers and educators in the equine world.

Keep up with the company’s adventures and check out the amazing location photos on the High Horse Video Productions facebook page.

Additional contact information:
Dianne Killen, President/CEO
High Horse Video Productions, Inc
phone: 970-903-3797
email: info@highhorsevideo.com

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