When You Want to Take the Edge Off Your Horse, Reach for Cavalor’s New Calming Product “Take It Easy Forte”

Sometimes the edge to success is taking the ‘edge’ off the horse, and with the extensive research into all things nutrition, leading global feed company Cavalor® is pleased to announce the launch of its latest calming product, “Take It Easy Forte.”

Managing Partner at Cavalor headquarters in Belgium, Lieselot Hamerlinck heads up the development team and believes that calming products must be an entire line of supplements within Cavalor, as no single formulation will work on all horses. Many riders choose to administer calming products to improve their horse’s focus and attention. Therefore the selection of the right product for the individual horse is a variable that often requires some experimentation as each horse responds differently to such products. This category of supplementation requires constant innovation as overuse of classic ingredients such as tryptophan and magnesium make those ingredients less effective when used for long periods of time.

“At Cavalor we’re always looking at how to make our products better and more efficient. I think that's what champions do too. Champions consistently look for ways to improve themselves and to set themselves apart. That’s Cavalor’s original starting point for any new product. Approximately three years ago our team started to experiment with essential oils and explore their impact. We've had really great feedback from the past two years of field trials. We found if we included certain herbal products into our already popular Take It Easy, it offered riders a completely new approach as the product has a stronger effect. In my opinion not all horses need the stronger product, so we will continue to offer Take It Easy, as well as the new Take It Easy Forte. The use of essential oils is a very innovative thing and that’s what Cavalor is all about,” explained Hamerlinck.

The new product includes essential oils such as vetiver (often referred to as “The Oil of Tranquility” due to its deeply calming fragrance), juniper and others in addition to a relatively large dose of tryptophan, vitamin B1 and magnesium.

Cavalor’s well-established Take It Easy has been a favorite calming product for horses among trainers and riders for many years. This new stronger sister product, Take It Easy Forte, will provide a valuable option in the arsenal of calming products that can give an edge to success in competition. As with all Cavalor products it is FEI and Jockey Club compliant.

For advice on this innovative new product and Cavalor’s many other calming supplement options, including those developed specifically for mares, please visit Cavalor’s news page . As with any nutritional calming product, finding the right product for a particular horse will be trial and error, and the benefit of the wide choice available at Cavalor creates an opportunity to hone in on exactly what works best for each horse.

by Nikki Alvin-Smith

 About Cavalor® North America, Dalton, GA: Cavalor is a global brand that can justifiably be called the world leader in equine nutrition for high-performance horses. Cavalor® products are available in more than 50 countries worldwide and are used by champion riders. Cavalor® offers a complete line of horse feed, supplements and care products.

The company's values are: Innovation - Quality - Results. They dedicate themselves to inventing, manufacturing and distributing the best quality and most effective equine nutrition products in the world for the health, performance and happiness of all horses, from a foal’s first steps to retirement.

Please visit http://www.cavalor.us to learn more about their top quality line of products used by advanced riders for their high performance horses, ‘when the result counts.’

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