DiO Launches DiOBotanical.com featuring Horse Care Innovation ~ DiO Plus Botanical Blend Horse Liniment with Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD)

DiO Plus CBD is 100% grown in the USA, certified organic, THC free, and tested by independent labs for purity and composition analysis

DiO announces the launch of the DiOBotoanical.com website offering a premium DiO Plus Botanical Blend Horse Liniment line with full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD). The products feature an all-natural botanical blend including CBD and arnica to relieve and prevent muscle and joint pain, inflammation, and swelling caused by chronic conditions, laminitis, minor injuries, overexertion, and arthritis.

One hundred percent of the product’s CBD is from plants grown in the USA. The CBD is certified organic, THC free, and tested by independent labs for purity and composition analysis.

“We created DiO Plus Liniment because of the overwhelming horse industry requests for a CBD product manufactured with precise quality control,” shares Jon Conklin, DiO CEO. “All DiO Plus batches are tested a minimum of 3 times during production giving customers peace of mind the product will be safe and effective to use on their horses. There are many CBD products on the market that don’t do batch testing which poses a significant risk to the horse’s well-being and safety. At DiO, we put the health and well-being of horses first via our stringent product quality control and testing.”

DiO Plus Liniment is made through an intensive process starting with natural premium ingredients sourced in the USA. The next step is ingredient blending followed by batch testing for composition analysis, trace analysis, contamination detection, and purity analysis. Third-party independent batch testing is also done.

After batch testing, the product is meticulously bottled and sealed. The product then goes to the warehouse and distribution center for order fulfillment.

The DiO Plus Liniment uses the original DiO Liniment proprietary mineral formula and combines it with a proprietary blend of arnica, CBD, and 6 botanical extracts. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound of hemp and cannabis sativa plants.

“Customers have been very impressed with the great results using DiO Plus on their horses to relieve and prevent pain and inflammation from arthritis, daily training, and minor injuries,” continues Conklin. “They appreciate having a natural chemical-free product that supports their horses’ maximum performance, health, and well-being.”

DiO Plus Liniment offers the same features and benefits for horses as the original DiO Liniment. It’s all-natural, odor-free, chemical-free, stain-free, and non-greasy.

The "Plus" product version may be used during times of extensive training or competition while the original DiO Liniment is suggested for less intense times of competition or training. The product does not burn, blister, or cause slippage, and it can be safely used under sport boots, wraps, or saddle pads.

DiO Plus may be used for hoof abscesses or hoof bruising. Apply the product generously to the affected area and then wrap or cover overnight.

DiO Plus Liniment is available in a 16 oz. ready to use spray and 16 oz. and 32 oz gel. Product may be purchased at DiO US retailers and online at www.diobotanicals.com . Enjoy 15% and free shipping for online purchases by using code 0DR2NM at checkout.

About DiO
DiO Liniment was founded in 2014 by horse industry veterans and long-time dog owners, Jon Conklin and Kenny Mosher, because they care about horses’ and dogs’ health and well-being and recognized a need for all-natural chemical free horse and dog liniments that are effective, easy to apply, and odorless. Contact: Jon Conklin, 844-434-6462, sales@drawliniment.com


DiO Botanical product images are available via the DropBox link below or request via email to sales@drawliniment.com


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Jon Conklin


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