SECRET SYNERGY STONES – Fancy Mane Beads Now Available

Secret Synergy Stones has proudly launched a line of EMF protection Fancy Mane Beads. Trendy accessories for horses have never been so much fun and certainly have never provided much needed EMF protection for one of earths most sensitive prey creatures; the equine.

Now riders and their horses can dress things up with matching jewelry, that just also happens to block EMF radiation. Whether you are heading out to a show, or an organized ride, now you can show up looking more stunning than ever with our Anti EMF Fancy Mane Beads. Chic jewelry accessories for equines that are not only attractive but also functional. Check out our video on braiding in Fancy Mane Beads into the mane of a gorgeous Hanoverian named Bravo.

Horses often get anxious when at horse shows or when they are in large groups of riders.  Part of this is due to all that is going on and the energy radiating from all the other horses. But part of it could be that they are feeling all the Wi-Fi that is radiating out from all the cell phones, wireless routers and nearby cell towers.

Training stables and show grounds usually have a lot of EMF radiation due to everyone having their cell phones in hand and in use. Horses are very in tune with the earth’s energies and all this added man-made Wi-Fi radiation can cause horses to experience even more stress and anxiety.

Protecting horses from EMF exposures may aid in helping a horse to feel calm and grounded. Thanks to Secret Synergy Stones shielding a horse from EMF radiation is now easy and aesthetically appealing with Fancy Mane Beads.

Horse health is a delicate thing and anything you can do to reduce negative environmental influences may help to maintain optimal health. Protecting the horses’ environment from EMF exposures can have a significant positive impact on their over-all health, emotional balance, attitude and performance.

What are EMFs? EMFs or Electro-Magnetic Fields are invisible lines of force that surround all electrical devices. EMF radiation is a fairly broad term for electric fields, magnetic fields, and microwaves. These come from all sorts of devices, such as cell towers, microwaves, Wi-Fi Routers, cell phones (aka: mini-microwaves), TV’s, dirty electricity, tablets, and much more.

In this age of Wi-Fi EVERYTHING serious concerns persist about possible connections between our compounding EMF exposures and adverse health effects on both humans and animals. The effects of this modern-day EMF deluge may cause problems with equine behavior, digestion, sleep, and fertility, as well as biological tissue, organs, and vitamin/mineral levels.

Without current research available regarding the effects of EMF exposure on horses it has become essential to proactively protect our valued equines from this rampant radiation overload. Wi-Fi is EVERYWHERE and NO ONE truly has ANY idea of what this cumulative effect will have on horses (or humans). As well, there is no way to know just how much accruing exposure any one horse experiences within their environments. Since horses can’t easily communicate with us about their symptoms, we need to do our best to keep them safe from being inundated with EMF radiation.

Here are some possible negative EMF impacts on horses and livestock: 

  • Aggressive or nervous behavior
  • Performance issues
  • General chronic health issues
  • Healing time due to injury
  • Repetitive injury occurrence
  • Reduced growth
  • Reduced feed and water intake

Protecting your horses from EMF exposure may help: 

  • Improve performance, optimize horse’s potential
  • Reduce over-stressing of animals
  • Increase oxygen absorption up to 200%
  • Normalize animals body functionality
  • Support proper resting
  • Increase vital body forces
  • Overall health improvement
  • Reduce veterinary costs

SECRET SYNERGY STONES is proudly bringing EMF protection into the equine arena. Available in Fancy Mane Beads, Pendant Necklaces and Charms. All items are handmade with genuine stones. SECRET SYNERGY STONES are as attractive they are practical and functional. Protect your horses (as well as your family and pets) today with anti-EMF protective jewelry from SECRET SYNERGY STONES. Be sure to watch our video here on applied kinesiology muscle testing for EMF related weakness.

For more information on Secret Synergy Stones, please visit us at or email us at or call us at (661) 821-7014 and please follow us on Facebook. Also, be sure to check out the other wonderful equine products also created by Shelly Black: all natural tick deflective spray for horses and dogs,  Serene By Nature equine calming cream for improved focus, calmness and reduced spookiness. And Shelly has written a fabulous FREE ebook:

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