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The Ladies Horse Society presents “Meet the Authors” on September 13-15th. Founder Randi Thompson, states, “The Ladies Horse Society continues to find new ways to promote our professional members. We love to promote our Ladies and have created the “Meet the Authors” Festival which includes horse-related books or blogs.”

Thompson continues, “If you are looking for horse related gifts, or want to see what horse related books are available, you will want to see what these talented writers will be sharing with us. We will be hosting the ‘Meet the Authors’ Festival in both our Facebook Ladies Horse Society Community and our page.  If you would like to showcase your book with us all you need to do is follow our rules for posting.  For those who are selling books we ask them to include the price, and their full website URL or tag their FB business page (use @andthenameofthepage).”

Lynn Baber, best-selling author says, “I see ‘Meet the Authors’ as a service, helping women discover new resources and inspiration for themselves and other women who love horses as much as they do.”  Baber adds, “I am looking forward to sharing my most recent book, ‘The Breath of Horse Crazy - The Love Affair Between Women and Horses.’   The love affair between women and horses is real, enduring, and charged with emotion. Horse-crazy women gather in the Ladies Horse Society to validate their mutual passion, share dreams and swap photos, empathize with victories and challenges, and offer understanding and encouragement in times of unspeakable loss. One by-product of life with horses is the amazing women you meet along the way.”

“Meet the Authors” will be hosted on the Ladies Horse Society Facebook page. ( One main post will be released on Friday, September 13 where authors can add what they have to offer by replying in a comment to the “Meet the Authors” main post.  The authors will tell a little about themselves and their book.

Catherine Louis Birmingham shares, “There is a beautiful thing about horse women and that is their love for horses! This often overflows to the world around them and that is what the Ladies Horse Society does for so many. ‘Meet the Authors’ is just another way this love of horses is being shared around. Birmingham says, “I am looking forward to sharing my book, ‘Ride for Life’ with everyone.  This book will take its readers into the world of mindful riding and was inspired by my students so that they could find their way through riding and life's challenging growth. I look forward to connecting with others who have had their lives transformed by horses.”

“Meet the Authors” will also be featured at the Facebook Ladies Horse Society Community (  (Sorry, only Ladies allowed in our community)  Each author will be allowed to submit one “main” post to showcase what they have to offer or what they would like to share. For authors who have more than one book, they can add them to that main post by replying to themselves on that comment with that information.

Thompson states, “We are so excited to share our ‘Meet the Authors’ with our fans and friends and look forward to seeing everyone there soon.”

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Randi Thompson is the founder of the Horse and Rider Awareness programs which include, The Ladies Horse Society, How to Market Your Horse Business, Dressage Instructors, Jumping Instructors, Movers and Shakers of the Horse World and Horse Expert Witness-Consultant.

Would you like to feature any the Ladies Horse Society in an interview or publication?  Contact Randi at or call:  828-697-4274.

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