Ulcer Treatments Block 98% of Vitamin B Absorption

Omeprazole (ulcer treatment), and other acid blockers have been proven to decrease and block vitamin B absorption through oral intake. A study published by Annals of Internal Medicine determined that a 98% decrease in absorption of vitamin B occurred after two weeks of taking Omeprazole. In other words, any vitamin B you are feeding, only 2% is being utilized.

B vitamins are a group of water-soluble vitamins that impact energy levels, brain function, nervous system, muscle tone, and cell metabolism. B complex vitamin supplements are mostly utilized for performance and as an aid to the stress of travel and competition.

Horses produce many of the vitamins their body requires from grain and grass intake. However, vitamin B12 is the only B vitamin which is not produced in plants and horses depend on their own production of it. “While the horse manufactures his own niacin (formerly B3), the remaining B vitamins are produced as part of the mutual working contract between the horse and his microflora (bacteria which helps with the digestion of food) by the bacteria of the hind gut,” says Kentucky Equine Research Staff. There are several scenarios in which the horse is unable to produce vitamin B12, or is blocked from producing these essential nutrients. ie. Stress, age, medications, etc.

Fortunately, there are enhancers which can help your horse keep his vitamin B at a healthy level without having to omit omeprazole, ie. transdermal absorption. Transdermal supplementation is so efficient, studies have shown that vitamin B12 applied transdermally increased vitamin B levels by 50%. (Pharmaceutics 2011, Mercer University).  CLM DWN Transdermal Calming Solution is an organic 100% natural, drug free, and chemical free transdermal supplement containing vitamin B. It is the only transdermal supplement on the market that targets vitamin B increase.

Given that many horses have malabsorption issues due to medications, stress, age, and dietary issues, transdermal vitamin B is an economical solution for administering essential vitamins and nutrients. Higher efficacy, lower dosages, faster delivery into the bloodstream makes CLM DWN Transdermal Calming Solution a healthy solution to supplementation of this vital vitamin.

CLM DWN is a proprietary line of all-natural topical calming and recovery solutions and gels for horses’ skin, joints, muscles and minds. https://www.clmdwn.horse/

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