Horse Radio Network Debuts Season 2 of The Horse Nutrition Podcast with Purina Animal Nutrition, Hosted by Lisa Wysocky

Season 2 of The Horse Nutrition Podcast with Purina Animal Nutrition debuted September 6, with new shows coming twice monthly through November. This season differs from Season 1 in that Purina Animal Nutrition went on a quest to take listeners on a compelling journey filled with stories of extraordinary horses doing amazing jobs.

"From pack horses to therapy horses to horses that star in film and television, this show highlights them all," said Glenn Hebert, co-founder of the Horse Radio Network and producer of the show.

New this year is information on the unique industry the horse is in, along with the highlighting of one very special horse on the job. Each horse has overcome an extraordinary challenge to succeed in his or her new life.

Also new to the show is host Lisa Wysocky. Lisa is a regular substitute co-host of the Horse Radio Network's flagship show, Horses in the Morning, as well as an award-winning author, trainer, and riding instructor; and a regular clinician at horse fairs and expos.

One of several Purina PhD nutritionists is also featured on each episode, giving expert advice on how to set the horse up for success nutritionally for their unique challenge, and how to best feed the horse moving forward.

Empowering and entertaining, more information on The Horse Nutrition Podcast can be found at: or

Contacts, Interviews, Hi-Res Images:
Purina Animal Nutrition: Tayler Anderson, The Martin Agency,
Horse Radio Network: Glenn Hebert, Horse Radio Network,
Lisa Wysocky: Lisa Wysocky,


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