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Horse&Rider Releases “The Ride” Podcast

Horse&Rider’s editorial team is excited to announce the launch of “The Ride”—a bi-weekly podcast—on SoundCloud, iTunes, and Stitcher, offering readers a new way to interact with and share Horse&Rider stories.

“The Ride” is hosted by Horse&Rider’s assistant editor, Michaela Jaycox, and the podcast highlights profiles of Western horsemen and women from Horse&Rider history. Each episode features a roundtable discussion between the editorial staff discussing the profile, the author of the profile, and what listeners have to look forward to within the episode, before narrating the profile itself. Bonus episodes of “The Ride” include interviews with professionals within the horse industry.

“The Horse&Rider team wanted to produce a podcast so we can show you another side of our brand. We can highlight what we do really well, and that’s tell stories of the greatest horsemen and women of our time,” Editor-In-Chief Chelsea Shaffer, says in the first episode. “Michaela is going to be narrating these stories and telling you a lot more about these great horsemen and women and what they have done to shape the sport.”

Listen to the “The Ride” on any of the following platforms:

SoundCloud - http://bit.ly/theridesoundcloud

Stitcher - http://bit.ly/theridestitcher

iTunes - http://bit.ly/hrtherideitunes

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