AQHA Hires Jim Jennings

The American Quarter Horse Association has hired former AQHA Executive Director of Publications Jim Jennings as editor emeritus to guide and direct the Association’s publications.

“We are excited to have Jim back on board at AQHA,” said AQHA Executive Vice President Craig Huffhines, “and eager to see where he takes the Association’s publications. I have talked with him about his plans, and I can’t wait to see them in print and online.”

Jennings spent his career at AQHA documenting the history of the American Quarter Horse through millions of photos and thousands of articles. From world champions to working cowboys, he weaved their tales into entertaining documentaries that retained each individual’s unique and special place in AQHA’s past.

“I love the Journal and I love AQHA,” said Jennings. “It has been 11 years since I’ve been intimately involved in the day-to-day operations of America’s Horse and The American Quarter Horse Journal, but I think I can contribute to their future.”

Just three years into his career at AQHA, Jennings was presented a “Wrangler Award,” which is similar to an Academy Award for Western art, literature and movies, by the National Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Museum. He earned the honor for the Journal article “George Humphreys, A Half Century with the 6666.” He has since received three more Wrangler Awards for his work on Red Steagall’s “Somewhere West of Wall Street” television show.

Under his direction for 37 years, AQHA publications received hundreds of awards for journalism excellence. Jennings was honored by his peers in the publishing community with induction into the Livestock Publications Council Hall of Fame and by American Horse Publications with its Champion Award. He was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 2019.

Since his retirement from AQHA in 2008, Jennings has served as a freelance writer for America’s Horse and the Journal; written and published “They Still Ride Good Horses,” a history of the American Quarter Horse Association 1990-2014; and currently is a scriptwriter for Steagall’s “Somewhere West of Wall Street,” which airs on RFD-TV. In his spare time, he has qualified in team roping for nearly every AQHA Select World Championship Show since 2009.

AQHA’s flagship publication, The American Quarter Horse Journal started publication in 1948. America’s Horse, AQHA’s official member publication, started in September 1998.

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