Horse By Horse’s Stephanie Brown-Beamer to Speak at Equine Affaire

She’ll discuss tips on proper bit and bridle fitting and perform a fitting demonstration

Stephanie Brown-Beamer, founder of Horse By Horse, will discuss the science behind bits and bridle fittings this Friday, November 8, at Equine Affaire 2019 in Massachusetts.

“While most people understand that properly fitting tack is essential to maintain a horse’s overall performance, health and welfare. Often, the fit of the bridle and bit is overlooked,” said Brown-Beamer.

Join Brown-Beamer for her educational lecture "The Science of Bits, Bitting and Bridle Fitting for The Comfort of the Horse" at 11 a.m. on Friday, November 8th, on the Seminar Stage in the Better Living Center.

Later that day, at 2 p.m., she will perform a bridle fitting demonstration as part of the Cosequin Equine fundamental forum in the Mallory South building.

Don't miss the chance to get expert advice on fitting your horse’s bit.


Can’t make it to Equine Affaire?

You can schedule a bit fitting consultation or clinic by going to


About Horse By Horse

Stephanie Brown-Beamer, founder of Horse By Horse, has been busy this year at the Neue Schule Academy where she attended a course recognized by Lantra to focus on the correct bit and bridle fit for both horse and rider. She is now the first and only Lantra Certified and fully qualified bit fitter by Neue Schule in the United States.

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