EQUUS FILM AND ARTS FEST Releases New Podcast Featuring Filmmakers, Authors and Artists

THE EQUUS Film and Arts Fest is pleased to announce the launch of the EQUUS Film and Arts Fest Podcast, with weekly episodes featuring the artists, authors and filmmakers involved with the annual festival event.

The EQUUS Film and Arts Fest Podcast is presented by festival Founder and Director, Lisa Diersen, and hosted with Julianne Neal, owner of JA Media Connections LLC. The podcast will highlight profiles of the filmmakers, authors and artists, along with interviews, literature excerpts and audio footage. Bonus episodes will include interviews with national and regional sponsors and other equine professionals. Lisa and Julianne will feature weekly interviews with the EQUUS Herd.

According to Diersen, “The EQUUS Film and Arts Fest team has expanded over the past few years and really features a variety of expertise, from seasoned authors to experienced media professionals,” said podcast host Julianne Neal. “It just makes sense to expand the platform at the same time we are making the move to the new equine based venue at the Kentucky Horse Park. I’m really looking forward to speaking with the people behind the films, art and literature featured during the festival and learning more about what drives them to create.”

Lisa Diersen has curated a substantial equine media library over the years and this new podcast platform will allow EQUUS to showcase not only the types of popular stories that are found in mainstream media, but also some of the stories that may not receive as much attention, but are just as important.

Films from the EQUUS Film & Arts fest are available on the EQUUS Film Channel available through Horse Network. Books and Artwork available through the website.

The podcast will launch on January 1, 2020 on major directories with the initial episodes featuring festival team members Lisa Diersen, Diana DeRosa, Julianne Neal, Carly Kade, Candace Wade and Bruce Anderson. Weekly episodes will follow with interviews from the 2019 EQUUS Film and Arts Fest winners. Find more information about the EQUUS Film and Arts Fest at www.equusfilmfestival.net.

EQUUS Film and Arts Fest
Contact Name: Lisa Diersen
Phone: (630) 272-3077
Email: lisa@equusfilmfestival.net


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