2020 Equine Marketing Content Calendar

What if you could save HOURS creating content for your equine business?

As an equine business owner, you know the importance of staying connected with your clients and potential clients. Creating consistent social media and marketing content can help you do just that, but finding the time to create that content can be frustrating.

Between working with clients and horses, travel and work obligations, where do you find the time to engage your brain for content creation? I’ve got the solution for you!

There are SO many things to focus on and only so much time in a day. When every little thing distracts you and takes you off task, how do you find the time to create your social media content?

Introducing my 12-month equine content calendar full of ideas PLUS 52 prompts to spark ideas for your next blog, Facebook live or engaging content? You may have a marketing team or you’re the one person that does everything for your business. Either way, this content calendar will breathe new life into your content!


So, if you're tired of feeling anxious about your marketing content and want to begin 2020 with confidence, then it’s time you get my 12-month equine content calendar including 52 prompts for content creation!

 For immediate access to Equine Calendar, click here.

To hire Jamie for your marketing needs or to speak at your event, please contact her directly here: jamie@yellowbarnmedia.com, www.yellowbarnmedia.com or 517.375.5399.

Contact: Jamie Samples

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