Jim Masterson, Founder of The Masterson Method®, Travels Across South Africa, Australia and New Zealand Teaching Seminars

International Trip Highlight Includes Featured Presenter Clinics at Equitana Auckland

Jim Masterson, founder of The Masterson Method® is traveling thousands of miles across New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, teaching integrative equine performance bodywork techniques and principles.

Masterson spent October in the United Kingdom before heading to Australia. He made a quick trip back to the United States presenting to standing-room-only crowds as a featured presenter at Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts. While in Australia, Masterson held a weekend seminar at his old home base at the New South Wales Mounted Police Troop in Sydney.

A highlight of this international trip is Masterson's featured presenter clinics at Equitana Auckland held at ASB Showgrounds in Epsom, New Zealand Nov. 21-23.

"We will be doing Equitana and a Weekend Seminar in New Zealand for the first time," Masterson said. "In total, we will be certifying nine new Masterson Method Certified Practitioners (MMCPs) in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa this trip."

Equitana Auckland is the most comprehensive equine educational program in New Zealand. The four-day event features New Zealand's best equine professionals and global superstars in eventing, show jumping, dressage and natural horsemanship.

Masterson will host three seminars during Equitana. His sessions are held at the Harrison Lane Pavilion at the following times.

  • Thursday, Nov. 21 - 11:30 a.m.
  • Friday, Nov. 22 - 4:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, Nov. 23 - 10:15 a.m.

*All times are listed in local Epsom, New Zealand time.

He will be available for questions at the Masterson Method booth in Hall 1, Booth #164 between seminars. The booth will be staffed all four days for additional questions.

 About The Masterson Method
The Masterson Method was developed by Jim Masterson after many years as a professional equine bodyworker. It is an interactive approach to equine massage in which the horse is an active participant. The practitioner learns to recognize and use the responses of the horse to their touch. Through the horse’s response, the practitioner is able to locate and relieve tension in key junctions of the horse’s body that most affect performance. It is something done with the horse, rather than to the horse.

Anyone can learn The Masterson Method. For horse owners, horse caregivers and equestrians, The Masterson Method can deepen the bond between horse and human.  It is a significant way to improve performance, open new levels of communication and develop the horse’s trust.

Countless testimonials tell the stories of horses and humans that have been forever transformed for the better by The Masterson Method.

For more information on The Masterson Method, please visit www.MastersonMethod.com.

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