Elizabeth McCall Shines New Spotlight on Movie “The Black Stallion” for its 40th Anniversary with Untold Tales from Behind the Scenes

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It’s the holidays. Time’s short, so fine to click to the chase. Specifically, Elizabeth McCall’s feature in the November/December issue of Cowboys & Indians with its truth-is-stranger-than-fiction account of the making of Frances Ford Coppola’s 1979 film The Black Stallion, plus other tales from behind the scenes. Now online at www.cowboysindians.com with a quartet of related sidebars, you will never look at the film rendition of Walter Farley’s novel the same.

“When I caught a flight to Northern California earlier this year to meet The Black Stallion’s film director Carroll Ballard, I never imagined the movie I felt compelled to write about one more time, would bring untold tales to light now, the year the film turned 40,” said McCall.  “From Carroll’s jaw-dropping revelation, that he initially thought the film was a failure, the backstage saga unfolded in conversations with Tim Farley (Walter’s son), to screenwriter Jeanne Rosenberg (who launched her career on the film), and stunt coordinator Glenn Randall, Jr.”  A timeless tribute to the horse-human bond, The Black Stallion’s back stories bring an element of rediscovery.

"Elizabeth McCall’s excellent article celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Black Stallion ranks right up there with another wonderful equine tale she told for Cowboys & Indians, about Sergeant Reckless, America’s heroic war horse,” said the magazine’s editorial director, Dana Joseph. "Learning about the effort, artistry, people, and horses involved in the making of this beloved classic film makes you keen to see it again and experience the magic anew."

Have a Black Stallion viewing party this holiday season and intrigue new folks with horses. Entertain friends with behind-the scenes trivia from McCall’s cowboysindians.com stories.  The Black Stallion is available from libraries, streaming services and in DVD.

About: Elizabeth Kaye McCall is a Los Angeles-based journalist, media consultant, and author specializing in the horse industry, travel, and entertainment. She’s written for mainstream to equine outlets including Cowboys & Indians, Arabian Horse Life, Horse Illustrated, Los Angeles Times, Hawaiian Airlines' Hana Hou, Hemispheres, America’s Horse, and more. As the original horse industry liaison for Cavalia, she created the blueprint for marketing and PR for North America’s equine market segment. Her book The Tao of Horses: Exploring How Horses Guide Us on Our Spiritual Path shows how horses transform the way we see the world, interact with our environment, and handle challenges. Her young adult tale RAJALIKA SPEAK was inspired by her late Egyptian Arabian stallion, who really did “speak” on request. Among her current clients is Cowboy Entrepreneur Scott Knudsen.

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