East Coast Equestrian Renews Partnership with Horse World Expo

The official Horse World Expo program will once again be part of the March, 2020 issue of East Coast Equestrian. The program will include a complete list of speakers, biographies, lists of vendors, a schedule and maps along with an overview of the event.

Horse World Expo, the mid-Atlantic region’s largest equestrian expo, will be held for the 18th year February 27 to March 1, 2020 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, PA.

In addition to top equestrian clinicians and performers, the 18th annual Horse World Expo will feature hundreds of vendors, and equines of many breeds and disciplines.  Vendors will fill more than 500 booths and 179,000 square feet of exhibit space with an overwhelming selection of horse related merchandise for browsing and buying.

Featured competitions include Rescued to Stardom! Rescues from across the region partner with regional trainers to help unwanted and untrained horses become Rescued to Stardom!  After 90 days of training, these unlikely horses compete for cash and prizes by performing two freestyle routines, prepared to start new lives as adoptable and treasured riding companions.

The Trail Champions Challenge is a timed and judged event in which competitors of all ages negotiate a difficult set of obstacles that test athleticism, horsemanship and the communication and bond between horse and rider. Regional riders, competing for cash prizes, are judged on the quality of their partnership with their mount at each obstacle.

The weekend will also feature Theatre Equus, a Musical Equine Revue a professionally choreographed and scripted show in which humans and horses partner to perform remarkable feats of daring and beauty, the evenings of February 28 and 29.

East Coast Equestrian will print nearly 20,000 copies of the March issue/Horse World Expo program. In addition to mailing copies to 4,500 subscribers and multiple copies to 425 tack shops and feed stores in five states, nearly 10,000 copies will be distributed to Expo-goers from the official information booth inside the front door of the Farm Show Complex.

The deadline to reserve advertising in the program/issue is January 24. For rates and information visit www.eastcoastequestrian.net. To learn more about Horse World Expo, visit www.horseworldexpo.com.

Contact:  Stephanie Shertzer Lawson, East Coast Equestrian

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