It’s Time To Spruce Up Your Website and Blitz Your Blog Posts

In order to feature your fabulous products, shine a spotlight on your savvy services and highlight why your business is the best option in the equestrian or pet market, it may be time to spruce up your website and get up to date on current marketing trends.

The winter season has equestrians and pet owners in a frenzy of activity. Competitors head to warmer venues to continue their efforts to reach the top of the sport. Horses are shedding and need grooming out and clipping, medical needs must be met, forage, feeds and supplements must be optimized. New sheets and blankets, bridles and bits, saddles and saddle pads all need to be in tip top condition and style to do the best job.

For the backyard owner it’s a time to plan ahead with updated winter riding gear and horse tack. For trainers and boarding farm owners it’s time to put plans for the Spring into action to grow their enterprise with new fencing, arenas and barns. And for pet owners the winter season brings more time spent inside with their pets. Carpets and couches to clean as dogs and cats shed out, winter coats and booties to purchase to protect the pooch feet in the snow and vacations to be booked with provisions for canine and cat care to be considered.

Yep. It’s a busy time for planning for your target consumer. Are you ahead of the curve with the latest Google criteria for your all important website? Are you reaching your target audience with engaging, fresh and most importantly unique copy through your press releases, blogs and content creation?

Professional freelance writer and content creator Nikki Alvin-Smith has this to share:

“It’s important that business owners understand that the breadth of material they provide to their viewership needs to be based across more than just their particular product. Education about your service or range of products is fine, but it shouldn’t be an, ‘in your face’ sort of approach. Furthermore, fake news is much in the mind of your consumer, so the source/author of the blog or the provided content needs to be knowledgeable and bring a creative approach. Regurgitating other ‘stuff’ that is out there is like trying to train a horse with a saddle that doesn’t fit and needs re-flocking. It just isn’t going to go well. What worked five years ago won’t fit its topline today.”

Indeed a review of major marketing sites such as Hubspot, Quicksprout and Wordstream echo these sentiments. Blogs are still second on the list of importance for the sales success of your website. A recent research study by the Content Marketing Institute, indicated that 48% of B2C marketers and 42% of B2B marketers now publish content more than once a week. The content of those blogs or articles however, is extremely relevant.

“Great content writing is the gift that keeps on giving. You can’t look at the return on investment (ROI) 30 days after posting a new blog and say well that didn’t work. The content needs to be consistently updated with material that is not dated. It has to bring engaging angles and fresh perspectives, and it needs to be approachable and intelligent. The longer your well-written, creative content is out there the more it returns to the bottom line. But it’s not all about quantity. The blog has to be carefully crafted to convert visitors into customers, and that takes more expertise,” explained Nikki.

As a seasoned freelance writer and creative content producer with a background in all things PR/Marketing, Nikki Alvin-Smith can bring your business up to date with her wealth of unique wordsmith skills that savvy business owners in the equestrian industry are already harnessing to address the ever changing world of optimization of online presence and sales success.

Nikki invites you to contact her for more information.

“It’s about working with each business as an individual with individual needs and identifying where their weaknesses are that need improvement. The package pricing I offer can be customized for different types of business, some of which may have more seasonal needs than others or be in more dire need of help across their marketing platform. I love to write. It’s what I do. And I love to see business owners happy with the results and collaborate to help them attain their goals. Please don’t be shy to inquire. When you give yourself the gift of a professional writer on your team you open up a world of possibilities.“

Please email directly for more information and visit her website at

About Nikki:
Please visit or email Nikki directly at or call/text 607-434-4470.

Internationally published freelance writer, content creator, author, photographer and equestrian Nikki Alvin-Smith offers “Engaging Content that Engages Riders to Read” with unique and fresh material for your horse related business, magazine, website, newsletter, blog and email blast sales machine. Her portfolio of works is extensive and includes equestrian and pet features that have been published worldwide in over 210 different magazine titles. Her clients include equestrian and “B” list movie celebrities for whom she regularly ghostwrites and provides PR services; manufacturers of equine related medical devices, horse structures and professional equine service providers; profit and non-profit initiatives and organizations; and non-equestrian related businesses/publications in the pet industry, investment, real estate and international travel and rural lifestyle.

Nikki Alvin-Smith is a British international level Grand Prix dressage competitor and highly sought trainer/coach/clinician. Together with her husband Paul, who is also a Grand Prix dressage rider, Nikki operates Willowview Hill Farm in the Catskill Mountains of New York; a full service horse breeding and horse training facility. The duo provide ‘team’ clinician services to clients worldwide to riders of all levels and many riding disciplines.

Contact: Nikki Alvin-Smith: Freelance Writer; PR/Marketing Specialist
Cell: 607-434-4470



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