Cavallo Hoof Boots – The Ultimate Barefoot Christmas Guide

Give your horse the best from Cavallo Horse Boots this season. Here’s a rundown of what to give horses of all sizes and styles:

 For the Horse who Goes Wild When You Crank Disco Music in the Barn

Did you know that the world’s most-value-for-money hoof boot now comes in “BLING”? The Cavallo ELB “Bling” Hoof Boot makes a sparkling gift to that horse who can’t help but sparkle and shine!

For that Horse who Appreciates Tradition

Does your horse love the classic look of leather for his tack?  The Cavallo Simple Boot blends the strength of timeless leather with a modern design, forming a truly elegant yet incredibly durable boot!  Whether hanging with his pals out behind the barn or taking in the scenery on a mountain lookout, your horse will be striking a pose!

For the BIGGEST Horse on your Christmas List!

Cavallo BFB (Big Foot Boot) draft-size hoof boots are as BIG as they are tough!  Built with the same durability and quality you’ve come to expect from Cavallo, except for the larger hoof, your big horse will love you all year after finding these big babies in her stocking!  (Now available in Bling, plus new sizes 7 & 9 to arrive early 2020!)

For the Horse Who’s a Stickler for Safety First!

Being safe is being seen!  Cavallo Trek GREEN Hoof Boots stand out!  Cavallo’s top trail riding boot is now more visible than ever.  Give your horse the gift of roadside safety this Christmas:

For that Mini who Craves Being the Center of Attention

We all know that mini, the one we can’t take our eyes off – she’s just “got it”!  The CLB Bling Mini Hoof Boot is the ultimate gift for this extraverted equine!  Match her boots to her sparkling personality and watch the magic happen!

For the Modest Mini (Who Doesn’t Like a Fuss)

Ahhhh, the classic CLB Black Hoof Boot (for the more traditional, mature-minded mini).  Does he love to drive on roads or do meaningful therapy work but gets embarrassed when people point and yell how cute he is?  These are the boots for your understated steed!

For the Horse who Enjoys Those Extra-Long Rides

Cavallo Comfort Sleeves make a beautiful stocking stuffer – literally!  They cover your horse’s pastern area for extra comfort – fabulous for protection during usually long rides, or even everyday use to snug up a boot!

For the Horse who has Tender Tootsies:

Have a horse on your list who’s struggling with hoof issues?  The Trek Boot makes a beautiful therapy/rehab boot and can be worn almost 24/7 in a sensitive situation:

Cavallo Gel Pads and Comfort Pads give the gift of even more softness and shock abortion during a time of healing.  And once your horse is feeling spry again, you can swap these out for the ultra-durable Support Pads when you’re able to hit the trails again:

For the Horse Whose Saddle Could Use Some Extra Support

Is your horse hinting for this special Christmas gift?  All saddles, even custom-made ones, have flaws (such as asymmetry). Many horses favor one side over the other, and few riders are completely balanced. Horses are most comfortable when weight is evenly distributed along their muscular structure. Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads compensate for inevitable problems in weight distribution.

Specially engineered to contract and expand where needed, Cavallo pads use a combination of materials that mold to your horse’s body, absorbing shock and easing saddle fit problems. TCS pads can even correct bridging problems, improve issues with low or high withered horses, and take care of concerns relating to growth, fitness level and aging!

Which pad would your horse put on her Christmas list?

 Need Help Deciding?

Need more info so you can decide which Cavallo product is just right for your equine?  Cavallo is here to help!  Call toll-free at 1-877-8181-0037, email at or message on Facebook at For more great gift ideas, please visit

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