Farrier Association Reiterates Harassment Position

A few weeks ago, the American and International Associations of Professional Farriers (AAPF/IAPF) joined with other global farrier organizations in a statement regarding harassment at educational events.  We believe our members and others should be provided with additional information on our position.

We are in complete agreement that farriers and veterinarians attending educational opportunities, as well as in their working environment, should feel comfortable in knowing that their attendance at events or working should be free of any type of harassment.

As clearly stated in our bylaws, in the United States, sexual and other unlawful harassment is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), as amended, as well as many state, provincial, and national laws.  These laws dictate that harassment based on a characteristic protected by law, such as race, color, ancestry, national origin, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, religion, age, disability, veteran status, political persuasion, or other characteristic protected by state or federal law, is prohibited.

It has been and shall be our position that educational environments be free of sexual and other harassment.  To that end, it shall be known and promoted that harassment of or by our board members, management, supervisors, coworkers, fellow professionals in the farrier and veterinarian community, event attendees, and horse owners is absolutely prohibited and not be tolerated.  Further, any retaliation against an individual who has complained about sexual or other harassment or retaliation against individuals for cooperating with an investigation of a harassment complaint is similarly unlawful and will not be tolerated.

The American and International Associations of Professional Farriers (AAPF/IAPF) shall continue to take all steps necessary to prevent and eliminate unlawful harassment.  We encourage our members and supporters to adopt similar positions.

For additional information, please contact us.

American & International Associations of Professional Farriers (AAPF/IAPF)
Adam Wynbrandt APF-I, 2019 President
Phone:  916-925-6534
Email:  adamwynbrandt@gmail.com

Cathy Lesperance APF-I, 2020 President
Phone:  519-572-9774
Email:  cathylesperance@wightman.ca

Bryan Quinsey, Executive Director
Phone:  859-533-1465
Email:  bryan@professionalfarriers.com


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