Premier Equestrian Welcomes JTWG, Inc. as a Premier Preferred Builder

Premier Equestrian, Inc. announces Travis Gould of JTWG, Inc. as one of its’ Premier Preferred Arena Builders. The Premier Preferred Builder program identifies and qualifies arena builders certified to install Premier Equestrian products across North America. Premier was introduced to Gould of JTWG, Inc. during the renovation of the International Arena at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC). Gould was contracted by Equestrian Sport Productions (ESP) to reconstruct the arena for the 2020 Winter Equestrian Festival. Premier Equestrian supplied OTTO Sport Base Mats and ProTex Arena Footing additive for the project. However, it was Gould that put his artful touch on the project and brought it all together.

“I was impressed with Travis’s knowledge,” said Premier Equestrian’s President Heidi Zorn, “He took extra steps to ensure every component was perfect. The International Arena surface required FEI approval, and Travis had the experience to meet that challenge.” ESP made the decision to upgrade the International Arena to a base mat system to ensure the very best in performance, and to ensure fast efficient drainage. Gould tested 4 different mats including the OTTO Sport Base Mat. All mats went through the same rigorous testing including, drain time under hurricane conditions, impact resistance, and rebound capacity. Some of the tests were done by experts using specialized equipment. This was just the beginning. Gould used the same process to select the sand blend needed for the top footing surface.

The chosen sand blend had to meet rigid specifications for drainage capacities, compaction, shear resistance and responsiveness. Here again, Gould’s extensive knowledge came into play. With many types of sands available in the state of Florida, none matched the standards Gould set for the arena. So, several different sands were brought in from across the country, combined, and tested. Gould prepared different footing formulas blended together with the ProTex Arena Footing additive to determine the perfect footing mix. “Travis went through a calculated process to get these scientific results,” continued Zorn, “It was methodical and thorough, you don’t see many builders going to this length to get things right.”

Premier’s CEO Mark Neihart  was there for the installation process. “I was very happy with the end result,” said Neihart. “Travis’s efforts to engineer and oversee the construction, sourcing of materials, and quality testing have proven to be very successful. The arena has a top FEI rating and more importantly happy riders and horses. I would say the PBIEC’s International Arena is one of the finest top performance equestrian arenas in the world.”

This attention to detail, along with the engineering standards Gould brought to this project convinced the staff at Premier Equestrian that Travis Gould, and his company JTWG, Inc. meets the high standards set to be acknowledged as a Premier Preferred Builders.

Premier Equestrian is North America’s leading supplier of high-quality footing additives, arena groomers, base mat systems, and arena consultation. Premier Equestrian is a recognized expert in horse arena footing as it relates to equine biomechanics. This knowledge is used daily to help horse owners across North America improve arenas and footing. Premier Equestrian has developed proprietary blends of textiles and fibers used to stabilize sand. Premier’s arena grooming equipment line has features not found elsewhere. Premier is the Exclusive North American distributor for OTTO Sport base mats. Premier Equestrian products are used in a multitude of venues worldwide, most recently installed in the International Ring at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.  Visit their website at or call 800-611-6109.

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Heidi Zorn, Premier Equestrian


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